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    5 of 6 are now done. One is on the injured/reserved list after a catastrophic bluing accident.
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    Hmmm... This is just my opinion, and I am not an expert on these, nor have I tried to look them up yet, but: these have been "fixed up," and not necessarily in a good way. The Alexander is the least troubling to me, but you rarely if ever see one horn scale and one stag scale on the same blade, nor do you often see the same stamps on both sides of the blade. The belt hook is not a common thing, nor is the U.S. army button. The button is United States Army general service, used from ca. 1854-1875, which fits stylistically with the Bowie, which looks like a late period full tang, ca. 1860-1880. On top of that, the scabbard appears to be heavy leather sewn up the back? It should be cardboard or papier-mache with a cover of thin bookbinder's leather. Not that someone may not have had a better scabbard made for it, of course. Finally, the patina on the blade is suspiciously uniform. Best case scenario is it was purchased for use in the American Civil War and the owner had a scabbard made for it that reflected a pseudo-military aspect, and at some point many years later one of the stag scales fell off and was replaced with horn. Worst case, none of the above. The Wostenholme looks to be an outright fake from here. The mark is not right, the blade shape is not right, the cast nickel-silver frame handle is not right, and the horn on both of them looks like water buffalo rather than the cow it should be. Oddly enough, the purple scabbard is plausible. I'll do a little research as I have the time, and I would be delighted to be wrong about them. How did you come to have them?
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    Fire striker from high carbon steel and mild steel. All parts are joined together by soldering.
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    Fire striker pendant "Thor hammer" Fire striker "Nails". High carbon steel and old soviet era nails.
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    High carbon steel fire strikers.
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    Fire striker "Drakkar". Fire strikers that are made with using forge welding.
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    Just looking at the crucible in the 2nd pic I would say it didnt get nearly hot enough. Good job. If it were easy everyone would do it
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    Geoof, simple is good and that one is great! I think too often makers seem to try and throw everything but the kitchen sink into a knife!! Simple is like a woman with just a hint of perfume, clothed in a way that has your imagination working overtime to fill in the rest of what your eye can't see! A simple knife hits all those marks, not to much perfume and just enough visual to make you want to pick it up and get to know it!!
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    Well, Josh, I can say I approve of the remaining 5! Beautiful knives, one and all.
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    Love the red vinyl tape. Years ago I worked in a shop where we used miles of yellow vinyl tape as mask-out for abrasive "etching".
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    Just finished this up as a present for a friend. Heat blued and lacquered 1095 with a forged copper pommel: let me know what you think...
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    wicked, it almost looks like it could be a sci-fi blade. ive tried to draw up a few messers and cant ever get it right, nice job.
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    Made it back to my shop for a half day and shaped the handle. I tweeked my handle shaping process, but still need to acquire some serious patience. Though I like the general look of the handle right now it lacks that simple elegance that makes it look right. It seems a bit too wide and blocky. I know if it looks wrong it probably is wrong, but I thought I'd see if you guys thought it could be fixed with the material thats left or if I should cut it off and start over.
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    Slipped with the disk grinder and took 0.3mm too much off the end of my latest folder backspring. Just enough to ruin it.
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