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    52100 / 416 SS San Mai, stainless dovetailed bolster with maroon linen micarta scales.
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    Forged this one up from an oversized horse rasp our farrier uses on the heavy horses. by no means fancy but will serve its purpose. With a long handle it will stay in my boat.....just in case!!
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    Very cool stuff Rob. 6'-4""? I'm glad we are friends...….
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    Very nice. It seems sockets are in now LOL
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    I'm looking forward to seeing this one!
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    Thanks fellas, I cut a good long solid shaft. I am 6’ 4” and the tip of the spear is the height of the top of my fingers when held straight up. Feels like a formidable weapon. Anyhow some more fun at the forge today playing with sockets. Harpoon head and boning knife. Boning knife heat treated but I have yet to do final grind and clean up.
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    Go man go...Shine on you crazy diamond!
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    Shurap does good work...
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    Anyhow after finishing the rest of the bottle and halfway through the second one, this is the result. It all started from wanting a 10c rivet. I blame you all for fostering this obsession.
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    I got my first real look at the pattern tonight. I decided to remove the ricasso from this one. I think it looks better without it. I'm still debating one what style of guard to give it. I have enough of the blade steel left to do either a guard or a butt cap. What do you think? Use it or make them from 416?
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    Oh I'm sure it will turn out more than OK Gary.
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    Well, I really don't know LG2 from a hot rock, but Rio Grande sells bronze wire: https://www.riogrande.com/product/bronze-round-wire-dead-soft/134314gp They also sell ingot molds for making your own: https://www.riogrande.com/product/cast-iron-reversible-ingot-mold/704077 So if the wire stock isn't the same as your bar, you could spend a few bucks and get a crucible, a holder, and an OA torch and cast some.
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    Oh boy! I'll be watching with interest!
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    So I know it’s been a couple of months but life has been crazy!! So I went with the Sil Fos and it has worked great!! Finally have the Dirk and scabbard all finished up!! Thank you for all your advice!! Aaron
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    Those are really neat blades you've got there. I've never seen a socket wrap on a knife before. Is that a historical style?
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    Good stuff thank you for sharing some of the process I've never seen that on a knife handle.
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    And he got it from Tai Goo, who in turn got it from some tribe in the Phillipines, who got it from somewhere in Indonesia/Maylaysia and so on... . A good idea is always good.
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    I like this too. I am working on a socket harpoon head/ knife as we speak. Surprising how comfortable in the hand a socket handle is. James Helm worked this one out ages ago haha
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    Good looking knives. I like the second one, the 1/2 socket with wood handle is nice. Wish I'd thought of that. Probably gonna steal the idea and try it myself. Keep on rockin. *obligatory mutterings on the state of the world here* > /dev/null ⏎ no offense intended to anyone.
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    I'll let the others comment on how stable the wood will be. However I just pm'd you about stabilizing. Hit me up if you want.
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    I keep coming back to look at this one. Very nice!
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    I was thinking that same thing Alan said. Probably a handy thing to have around on your photography sessions.
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    I like it! And given the things that live in the water near you, not a bad idea. . You could probably sell them, in fact!
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