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  1. Alright, so I got a question from a potential customer as to whether or not the knife comes with a certificate of authenticity... given the absolutely horrendous price-tag. -So, I decided to make one. It has been a learning experience, no doubt about that. And after 42 hours of work, here is the result. Draumr Gripnir - Certificate of Authenticity: Specs: Leather: 2mm vegetable tan, dyed and painted with acrylic paint. Paper type: Original Crown Mill 100% pure cotton, 100gsm, Ivory color. Page size: A6 Pages: 48 Metal details:
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  2. Some of my stuff from the last yr or so. Over the last ten months I fell into my shed door u channel and hacked my right arm open then partially degloved my left arm at work which really has motivated me to forge more. Hunter/utility 1084 steel antler handle Bowie 1084 steel cow bone handle Spike hawk forge from a ballpein hammer EDC 1084 steel unknown Australian hardwood Bowie 1084 steel unknown Australian hardwood Pinhead the shop dog
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