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  1. Completed last evening. Puukko: 115mm x 22mm blade with beveled spine and slight drop point. Black ash burl handle with brass bolsters and contrasting ebony.
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  2. The 37 mbar delivery pressure may well be sufficient on its own to explain the poor performance. Things could be looking up. There may be some deviation from normal Gas-Safe practice needed: I don't think LPG necessarily falls within the same regs as mains gas (for anyone reading this outside the UK, "Gas-Safe" is the registration body with which anyone working with mains gas in the UK must be registered). Naturally Aspirated burners use the momentum of gas emerging from a jet to entrain air and mix it with the gas. This means we need a high speed through the gas jet. T
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  3. First time ever casting anything. Ruined 2 crucibles and It all looks like crap but it was a lot of fun.
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  4. Not a company I've heard of, but looking at their other products it appears they just make objects shaped like other known objects regardless of actual functionality. Their forges and burners look like well-polished crap, in other words. For the price they want for that 1x30, you can save up twice that and get a decent 2x72 unless you insist on variable speed. Speaking of which, the VFDs they show are not sealed, and as such will stop working if exposed to fine metal dust. While I am impressed with the idea of a 1hp 1x30, the rate at which you'd go through those little belts w
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  6. Yes,Rob,i like that a lot. For skinning these fat-bellied kind of blades are sweet(actually looks very much like a butcher knife i use,only shorter,which will be easier on one's wrist). Most "hunting" knives are narrower,and also commonly have the section close to that of a crowbar or a cold-chisel. It puzzled me for ages,till i finally figured out it must come from the time when people had actually took their game apart at the joints(vs molesting it into shreds and chips with saws and god knows what all). It does help to be narrower and thick-ish to get in between t
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  7. I like the no-frills skinner look there, Rob. Nice one.
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