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  1. One of my friends at work killed a couple spike bucks last year. He has two young grandsons and wanted to have each of them a knife made from the antlers. This is what I came up with: The antlers were little, so these are smaller than they look. The blades are less than 4". The sheaths were a happy mistake. I had 'em both done and ruined one in the finishing process. I rushed to make another and accidentally flopped my pattern and got all the way to gluing the edges before I realized I had made a left
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  2. Just finished this Heavy Hunter with antler over curve back buffalo horn bolster and pomel on the 5 inch x .170 1075 blade
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  3. This is not what I was hoping to post but that will come soon. Just finished this little Hunter, 476 layer 1084 & 15N20, Brass, Bog Rata. Total length 22.5 cm, Blade 11 cm.
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  4. 480 layer damascus with brass, african blackwood and cow bone. This is the first time working with cow bone for a knife handle, it was specially requested by the rancher who comissioned the knife. I kinda counted on it being a lot thicker, but when I cut into it I had to do some quick thinking and went with a frame tang. Perhaps a little unorthodox but it gave it a cool look. Glue up was a mess and things didn't end up in prefect alinment unfortunately, but its slight enough I can live with it. The blade is 3" and the handle is 3 3/4" Thanks for looking, critique is welcomed.
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  5. Hi Faye Looks like a handy little knife and I also think the finish on the cow bone looks good. Personally I prefer a shorter ricasso but that is purely my taste. The only thing that looks off to me is the pin-placement. The front pins seem to be closer to the edges of the handle than the ones at the back. Maybe it is just the top one at the front or just the angle of the photo? All in all good work though, well done.
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  6. Sanded to 500grit then applied the mustard patina followed by a misting of gun blue for one hour. Wash then baked with flaxseed oil.
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