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  1. I found some outstanding photos of the Gjermundbu sword hilt components detailing their construction posted by Vegard Vike back in 2018 on his Twitter account (@VegardVike). To be clear, these are not my images, but presumably it is okay post these here as Twitter is an open platform and his posts can be freely retweeted by anyone. He is an archeological conservator at the Kulturhistorisk Museum in Oslo and his twitter feed is a treasure trove of fantastic information!
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  2. It's always seemed a mystery to me how the hollow pummels were made. Still a mystery but now I have a little to go on. Doug
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  3. The T-rivets would appear do appear to be iron to me. I've always been puzzled by the exact means of T-rivet construction, in this case they appear to have been trapped in the channels by pushing the edges of the channel over the head of the T-rivet. This was a funeral pyre burial and if I remember many of the artifacts, like the maille shirt, show evidence of melted copper. Perhaps why much of the hilt decorations like the twisted wire and much of the overlying inlay is missing. It must have been stunning!
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