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  1. I haven't posted much stuff here lately, and that's because I have been working on one knife since February and the design elements have given me a lot of .....experience. This is built to the customer's specifications and contains many things I typically do not do, but c'est la vie. It is finally ready to show and I'll start making the sheath on Wednesday. The blade is O1 and about 5.375" long. The ring guard is a single piece of 416 SS forged to shape from a 1/2" slice (maybe 3/4"?) of round bar 1.5" in diameter. Frame and pommel cap are 410 SS and the turned finial nut is 416 SS.
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  2. It's been a long time since I have posted anything here, I thought it would be fun to show off some of my student's recent projects! Here are a variety of blades forged at the shop by our students - from a 16 year old forging a wakazashi to a septuagenarian with a bowie we have folks from all walks of life making blades :) I want to thank our wonderful teachers Justin Kirck, Stephanie Aiuto, Devon James, and Tahoma Hauptman for their diligence in helping students forge to their best ability. Coincidentally, Stephanie competed on Forged In Fire just two weeks ago and did fantastically
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  3. finished riveting up basket hilt attempt number three. Finally got one I'm pretty happy with. my original plan was to braze it after riveting, but honestly the risk/reward doesn't seem worth it...
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  4. Here’s my take on a bird and trout knife 1084 and box elder burl. Definitely going to be testing it out on some trout in the next few weeks! Thanks
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  5. I was wondering when we'd see what that guard went on. Experience is good!
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  6. Nailed it Josh, that pommel cap is probably my favourite element on a stunning knife.
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  7. Maybe out of your wheelhouse so to speak, but looks really good
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  8. Looking at that last picture I can see the inlet wasn't level on the back of the handle, which explains some things... Anyway, once it fits flush with no overlap on the ends, nail one end down. One hole at a time, use a clamp to hold the silver tight to the wood if you can. The following pics show a series of how I fixed a mistake (I'm told that's the best part of my demonstrations, I always screw up and then show how to fix it), but this time the camera malfunctioned and a lost a few important shots. In the first pic, the band is mostly nailed on, but there's a nail missing. I u
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