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  1. Just got this little guy finished for a fellow that want to wear it with his Kilt. 52100/15N20 steel ,crushed W's pattern Dyed Masur Birch with stainless fittings.
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  2. Good evening folks! Yet another 8" ktip in 26c3. Tempered a little harder this time at 64hrc. Weighting in at 8oz with point of balance straight at heel. I liked the look of the blued steel/copper/dark wood I used on the oyster knoife so I used that combo again on this one . I played maybe a bit too much with facets, but it ended up quite comfortable despite the sharp looking edges.
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  3. Pattern welded Bowie approx 450 layer. Stabilized Myrtle handle with coin bronze fittings. The coins (old NZ 1 and 2 cents pieces were cast into an ingot then made into the fittings) Total length 31 cm, Blade 18 cm And a pic of all the bits Since all the fittings were made of 1 and 2 cents coins I made the keeper of the scabbard out of a 2 cents coin.
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