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    Howdy!! Here are a few of the latest from my front yard.. The Kard s 1095, L-6 and some meteoric iron with a red Bovine Ivory grip.. The white gripped dagger is in a maiden hair pattern with a blade of 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some pre-WWI white Bakelite. The sheath is set with a 12.78 ct star ruby The darker griped dagger is in a ladder pattern in 1095, L-6 and meteoric iron with some more Pre-WWI Bakelite . the sheath has a 14.56 ct star ruby set into it..These were going to RPFS in Irwindale, CA but that is canceled so up on the website these go! These didn't turn out too bad considering an old man made them out in his front yard.. Hope these come out properly.. JPH
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    All: As some of you know, in my day job I run a mid-sized defense contracting company. As a result, I have some insight into what the US government is doing in response to this crisis. I can tell you that what I'm seeing is utterly unprecedented. I've been in this game for nearly 20 years, and I've never seen this type of response before. Many of the things I'm seeing will take a few weeks to become visible in the public eye, but I'm blown away. No one is holding anything back. I see sincere, focused, and tireless efforts to combat this crisis. Remember that the people you see on the television are mostly elected officials or their political appointees. The real power in the US government lies at the 3rd or 4th rung of the org chart. These are the non-political career professionals that stay on from election to election. They are the ones that really run things day to day, and they usually are doggedly non-partisan. Many of these people are incredibly impressive, but often get overridden by the political appointees above them when the news cameras are pointing in their direction. What I'm seeing is, for the first time, most of the political appointees deferring to the career folks. This is reason for hope. So, while I'm certainly not here to say: Don't worry, the Federal Gov. will fix it (believe me, I've worked with them for too long to have much faith in anything they attempt), I am letting you know that I feel a modest amount of hope and optimism. I see competent, hard-working people putting everything they have into fixing this thing, and they're doing it with nearly infinite financial backing. Getting out of this thing is not guaranteed, but I think we've got a solid shot at it. Have faith. The US and the World have endured worse. We will get through this. Dave
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    I roughed out the guard, and the handle yesterday. I decided to go with a blued finish on the furniture rather than using stainless, so I made the guard out of a piece of 4140 I had lying around. (I'm assuming it will blue well, but am not sure) I'm also planning to put in some thin bronze/black/bronze spacer pieces. I've got the hole through the handle, but need to add a threaded rod to the tang, and figure out how I am going to do the pommel nut. I'm not making it as a take-down, but since I want to blue the hilt parts, I can't do the final shaping and sanding after I glue it up. I figured a threaded tang setup would allow me to pre-assemble everything nice and tight for shaping, sanding, and polishing.
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    Another one waiting for a sheath. Maple burl on a 3 inch EDC. Not the best pic but will get to that when all done and it goes in my various knives thread
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    Got these done today. A PH EDC (4 5/8 1095 blade) and Hunter Skinner with 4 in 1084 blade) and both with paper micarta bolster and canvas micarta scales. Both going to Zimbabwe ( gifted) to a professional hunter and his wife who just passed her PH test.
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    I think I speak for all of us when I say that what we absolutely need in this time of crisis, are more videos of Jul singing at his workbench.
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    I have changed horses and got back to a rifle stock I am doing so this morning I started with the action inlet I did a couple of weeks back Having done the preliminary channel with straight chisels cutting across the grain it is then time to start the long process of scraping the fit in so at that stage this is what I see when smoking the barrel and transfering the soot to the channel These are the two main scrapers for the work till I get down to sanding rather than scraping. They are just old files I have bent and re-shaped for the purpose then re heat treated to harden the edge. I got a little video of the process
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    I’ve definitely experienced the warping with asymmetrical blades. My approach has been to use two 2x4s and a heavy weight during cooling/straightening during tempering. On some of his recent work it seems like Alexey has been doing edge quenches in addition to/instead of tempering the spine, which I do know for this kind of knife, as least with steels where it will work. I ended up grinding a slight corkscrew into the big Sakha knife, but I think I can grind/bend it out with some care, hopefully some time tomorrow afternoon. This type of knife is very challenging to grind!
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    It only took 5-6 years. The blade is a two-core interrupted twist. The handle is sea cow bone, the fittings are about 2lbs of silver with niello inlay, and there are two opals set into the sheath, which is the same from front to back. The stand is black walnut.
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    Here's one I finished up pretty recently. It's hearth steel I made from a pile of old blades I was unhappy with for whatever reason. It's such a satisfying transformation. The handle is oosic, or 10,000 year old fossilized walrus dick bone. It's more difficult to find nice pieces of oosic these days, and I really like this one. I'm honestly torn on whether or not to sell it.
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    How does one make a hollow ground leaf shaped blade? The bevel angle must change subtly as it passes through the concave section of the blade. I assume this is one of those high level craftsman/artist things where the changing bevel is just blended in by eye?
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    Great stuff! I have a bucket full of discarded blades that will one day be reforged/smelted into something, makes me feel better about having to chuck my hard work in a corner. I also really love that oosic, I wish I knew how to get some of the stuff.
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    Silver actually hit a fifteen-year low two weeks ago, but it's clawed its way back up to close to $15/oz.t . Two weeks ago it was down to $11/oz.t, which might actually be a twenty-year low... I'd still like to handle that lovely dagger. Looks like the blade ought to glow in the presence of orcs...
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    Love it! In the event the rest of my division ever goes back to the office and I can actually get some work done I need to do that too. That said, DANG that's a nice package! That is indeed a great piece of oosik, and the way you fit the sheath to the angled buttplate is just too cool. Not to mention the ouroboros rings. Lots of high-end spiffiness all round.
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    That's because we (the eagles and I) are in U.S. Eastern time zone, or GMT - 5. Pity poor Rob, he's 12 hours off and has to look in the middle of the night.
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    If I had made that, and there's no way that I have the skill to, I'd have to really be asking myself how much I needed the money from selling it. That outfit is some real nice eye candy. Doug
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    Hey Brian- Yes, those are lost wax / investment castings on the sheath clips & serpent rings, I use Rio Grande's generic casting investment, good for silver, gold & bronzes, I guess it's the "FOV Caster's Blend," now. Also, yes, I love the steel. I'll be making more. I have a very big Pile of Shame™ to melt down.
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    Wow, nice piece. The steel looks ancient. Your hands made that oosic stand proud! (Sorry, cabin fever is taking hold) Are all the little lobed sheath fittings investment cast? If so, could you tell me what investment you like to use for bronze? It's something I want to try soon, but the options are baffling.
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    Normally I log in and it’s dark but just had a look. It is daytime and there is a chick rooting around in there. Actually, looks like 2 (sheltering from the wind a bit). Yeah, 2 chicks now being fed some fish.
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    OK. So this forum was an amazing place, going back now... how many years? Certainly before social media, and Facebook in particular took a lot of people's attention away, because it really became the new marketing space. It was hard to spend so much time and social energy on multiple platforms and the forum lost a lot of my attention. I could deal with Facebook so long as I could use the add-on Social Fixer, which blocked political posts & keywords... LOL. But I had to upgrade my laptop and now it's not available for my browser for whatever reason. That makes Facebook and all the incessant, divisive, BS I see ratcheting up on both sides of the equation a strict no-go for my morning coffee and psychological well-being. It is good to come home.
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    I'm glad to see you back. A little song, or a Mrs. Frog story makes the world a better place.
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    What a nice way to start my Monday! Thanks for posting. Beautiful.
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    You'd be justified in hating me because I'm about to tell a joke without a punchline..... In all the years (5?) I've been looking at such things I've seen one South African that used a Warthog tusk in a more sensible way. I did not save the photo and I've wracked my brain trying to remember, sadly not one of my strong points..... I hope it helps to assure you there is a better way, the "traditional" way is only good for bottle openers IMHO
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    Why use the whole tusk on just one knife? I have seen these tusks used for an ivory spacer between a guard and other natural handle material. Jean-Louis Regel did a great Damascus Bowie that way. I have three of these tusks in a box waiting for me to decide what to do with them. Anxious to see what you come up with. I think the ivory spacer would look great at the front of a seax.
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    Finally made my own bench in my dads boat shop. Nice and sturdy for handsanding and a view too.
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    Experimented with higher psi, 15-20 psi seems to do the trick, I was able to knock in the edge on a kiridashi I’m forging before the wind started picking up and the rain started. Thanks for all the help folks, I’ll be back when I have more questions.
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    Thanks, Gerald! Not sure about the best looking side, but one thing I pay attention to is to make sure the grain pattern doesn't allow for something like below as this can be a weak spot (especially with stabilized pieces) and I've had scales split here when then knife was dropped. (Hope I'm getting my point across...)
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    Thanks to Alex we salvaged a rookie over zealous filing session! We quenched this evening and he had a few of those walnut blanks stabilized. Here are a few photos of them after knocking down the resin with 120 grit. Any comments on best looking and best sides for the scales?
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    Hello all. Here's what I just finished (minus final edge and sharpening). This is my second integral bolster and I was more focused on the damascus pattern than the blade shape, so this is what I ended up after forging. After grinding, I learned I had enough material that I could have turned this into a decent chef's knife. It looks like I need more practice forging to keep my billet centered. The last stack was 5 pieces (3 of 78 layer 1084/15N20 separated by pieces of 0.140" 15N20) and I was looking for bulls-eyes of layered steel on a background of 15N20 with a layered steel core/edge. I'm not sure what to do with this one, may turn it into an EDC for me and abuse it for some edge/HT testing.
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    Hello: Well..as mentioned in mt past post I have re-examined our position and it is not good.. I lost all of the trade shows/faires that I send my e-vile minions to due to their being canceled..This translates into no income..which is not a good thing...However I have made some moves that will lessen the negative impact a bit..hopefully to the point where we will make it on one piece.. Royalties do help bit as well... On the same subject of this damn panic..Seems that three nights past a couple of idiots tried breaking into our home through the back door off of our deck.. They were so focused on what they were doing that while my wife was on the phone to PCSO I slipped out the front door and well..they spent a while sitting down with their shoes off staring at the business end of my shotgun. The sheriff deputies were more than happy to put them up for the night..came out a day later that these two apparently have been breaking into places to get easy money.. Now I do not know if this is due to the present situation or if these two are just deadbeat burglars..All I do know is we are safe and they are off the street for a while... All in all...I am populating my website as much as I can and hopefully I can generate enough lucre to stay afloat..Going balls to the wall on this... JPH
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    Finishing this up. Water quenched 1095 blade, copper guard plate, antler bolster with carved birds head cartouches , carved box burl handle, leather sheath: let me know what you think...
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    LOLZ. I had to pull an all-nighter to finish this guy in time for a gift presentation. That was like, maybe 3AM. Loopier than usual. I made this video that morning before driving off 3 hours to hand it off.
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    Well worth the wait if you ask me, this turned out to be a stunning blade. I can't believe it has been 6 years since arctic fire already. And I agree, old fashioned forums are still my favourite. Social media is nice to share things quickly, but good tested information gets lost in the sea of nonsense too quickly.
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    Follow up I finished the blown ribbon burner forge. It runs like a rocket engine at 1 to 2 p.s.i.
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    I'm working on adding enameling to my repertoire. This is a drinking horn called Hvetr-rafn, or the Winter Raven. It should be fun.
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    Happy to see this complete! The scabbard fittings kick a lot of ass. Hey, I think we're about to see a renaissance here guys. It's the apocalypse. Swordsmiths are going to be very, very popular! I'm bullish on bladesmithing! Grins, Dave
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    I made pretty liberal use of Zeb's concept and reworked what I had. I still plan on a pommel nut or peen block which I haven't drawn in yet. Now what do you guys think?
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