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  1. I'm sorta back in business! This morning I moved my grinder and stuff from my shed to my new workplace. Had to rewire the VFD and last time I dismantled it I forgot to mark the wires . Took a good 30 minutes just to sort it out and make sure it doesn't blow up. Feels got to finally be back at it. Now I need some projects!
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  2. Played around with my first attempt at a canoe/canister this afternoon. It was almost even a success. Lol
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  3. I decided to try my hand at doing a canoe with some chainsaw chains. Since I'm doing it by hand, I started by making a quick canoe at work out of 304 SS. Measures 1"x5"x3/8" deep on the inside. I cleaned up the chain with acetone and packed everything with fine 1084 powder. Welding up the canoe was a bit of a cluster. I ran out of argon for the TIG welder and tried to finish it using the wrong rods for the stick welder. Obviously this didnt work the greatest and caused me some problems later. After 5-6 passeshammering at welding heat I cut the end of and was pleasa
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  4. Congratulations Josh, wonderful work and great photo.
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  5. Congratulations Josh. Very well deserved mate.
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