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    What I love about this forum (among other things) is it seems to be the one place on the internet that isn't filled with people hating each other over politics. We just make cool stuff, that's all.
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    "The best work...the work REALLY worth looking at...is done on the verge of utter failure." Richard Furrer
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    So there I am at the Hidden in the Hills art show today when I see this guy standing in the middle of it all. He's a big burly kind of guy with a camo Tee shirt and full sleeve tattoos, short hair and a thin grey beard. I look at him and say "You look like the kind of guy that needs a good knife". He says "Yeah I am, do you have any?" So I show him into my tent and he starts looking at my work. Turns out he is Louis Krudo of Krudo Knives.
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    We just spent 8 days off the grid on our property in New Mexico. Beautiful weather, great setting, and a lot of work. Man, it felt great!
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    Gentlemen, Although I do not post much I am on this site most everyday. I enjoyed participating in KITH, exchanging with you guys. After nine years of job searching and working at lower end positions, last September I got lucky and found a position akin to my background and experience. God is good. I did relocate to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in a temporary residence until we sell our place which is near Atlanta. Working long hours but I do have free weekends, except when traveling. I haven't forged anything in 7 months, so I am looking to find some folks who can suggest where I can hook with other iron artists in the area. If anyone is near or used to live near Broward county , FL, I would appreciate any advice. Kind regards, Gary LT
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    Came in the mail this morning. I'm so happy
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    Gosh I miss the old forum software. I feel lost in the mist.
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