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  1. Did the final bit of hot work (brazing the 'S' bars and rams horns) to the basket I've been working on on and off for months... now for a daunting amount of grinding and filing and sculpting to get it into final shape before making the blade to go with it...
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  2. Well, I've owned a wire welder for twenty years. Worked as a fabricator/mechanic, autobody, and now - sign shop fabrication. Just to give you an idea. You're not burning in and penetrating the metal enough. The head of your welding end- or "stinger" as I call it... should be no more than 3/8" to 1/2" off the welding surface at all times. Tilt to the side so you can see the wire hit the metal. If you're having problems keeping it there- like it bounces off... slow down your wire feed speed til you can keep it steady. If the wire burns up too fast,
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  3. farging iceholes Why would anyone do such a thing?
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  4. Thanks @Alan Longmire. I took your advice and cold blued a piece I had etched. I believe this might be as close to what I wanted as I might be able to achieve.
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  5. What are you using to weld with? Somethings wrong... Show me a closer shot of your weld joint, tell me what you're using- gas, or flux core, wire size, welder etc. See if we can give you tips. Just judging from what I can see- your amperage/voltage is too low. Your gas flow is too low not enough shielding... something.
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  6. There maybe some time between post but this is a start. This will be my first knife. I started by making a jig to grind the bevel. Then I made a jig to hold while sanding. Made a pattern and glued it to some 1095. That's all for today. Since this is all new for me I'm open for critiques.
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  7. Our Arctic Fire youtube channel and Facebook page has been hacked or vandalized or whatever you call it. All the videos were deleted. I had a copy of the AF 2013 event on a local computer, so I was able to re-upload it to http://www.ArcticFire.org, and Michael Bergstrom, luckily, hosts the 2016 videos on his channel, but I have no access to our old 2012 videos. As you know, some of these are pretty popular and have significant historic/sentimental value for some of us because Don Fogg was one of the presenters. Does anyone have a copy of the 2012 DVD? If so, can we "b
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