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  1. Today was spent in someone else’s shop. Layers of 1084 & 15n20 drawn out and twisted, twists drawn out, cut into sections and surface ground, final stack has 5 layers total. a twist core with 15n20 on the sides and then another layer of twist on the outsides. It’s been a busy day
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  2. No useful info on the blower I'm currently using. Just finished making a piece of damascus with a friend who wants to learn. So it still works even though it has become a little weaker than when first installed. Maybe it needs a cleaning and lube job. At this point the butterfly that controls the air is set to wide open. Here are some photos. And some of one of those for inflatable structures I like so much. Similar to the one I use for the air curtain. There is one on our local FB marketplace right now for $30. So when the
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  3. Don't know how many of the newer people check this thread, but I'll preach to the choir a little bit I'm a Christmas forge-baby, and unfortunately I built mine befor I ever met you fine folks. Like a great many people probably do, I looked at the ceramic wool and said "surely that will fall apart in a day without the proper magic to keep it safe" and went with soft bricks because they seem like such an obvious choice if you don't know better. (At least I knew the difference between soft and hard bricks). After getting here and learning that my forge was sub-optimal, I chose to sti
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  4. Read this in your best Scots blacksmith brogue..... By the Gods man! Why make this so complicated? You are a smith aren't ye? Make yerself some flux spoons and be done with it. Just scoop a wee bit out of the jar and apply only what ye need lad.
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  5. Perhaps for some, but in many parts of the world, Rwanda comes to mind, EDC is a machete.
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  6. Well, I am going to sideline this for a while. I have other stuff to work on. In the meantime, I'm open to suggestions on designs for hilting this blade.
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