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    surfing - top of the list, i ride a 8 foot longboard, gonna get a 9'0 soon. <br><br>knives, got my first one when i was 6, been cutting myself ever since<br><br>cars - anything to do with em peformance wise <br><br>err.. anything else to do with the sea/beach.<br><br>books, like reading
  1. an amazing piece jake, i hope whoever buys it takes exeptional care of it
  2. sickbugs

    Knife Box

    wow, very nice, handmade gifts are very touching to the people u give them to. have fun forgin in the kilt too ??? not something i'd try myself, but whatever rocks your boat
  3. hasnt been easy.. at first, it was the move.. then finding out that someone stole my pair of 3 lb hammers, and my 4 lb hammer.. at least they left the 6 pounder, just the hammer to leave my arm feeling half dead after a few hours, ah well, hopefully by mid january i'll have a new wood forge built, ive got so many ideas in mind right now that i just hope i can find the time to do some of them
  4. wow... 5 months to the day since if lifted a hammer or burned the good fire i think in january i'm gonna start back forging, i may have finally found a place i can do it.. just need a 800 foot long extension cord for the blower ??? merry christmas all !!! and a happy new year, may your blades be so sharp that your hair jumps off your arm before you even pick them up
  5. i like sharpening knives ??? so if im not doing it for myself (which is all the time) im doing it for a bit of extra change this lack of being able to forge is slowly driving me insane Bang Head
  6. the coast guard station, southwest corner of the island. almost all the buildings ended up in the bottom of the careenage (our "sports fishing/coast guard" harbour) the waves were about 20 feet high before they broke, and they were breaking maybe 40 feet off the harbour, the smaller ones that didnt break out there are the ones that did the most damage to the buildings (10 foot swell, breaking right on the wall) while we were spared the main onslaught of ivan (the eye passed just over 100 miles to the south of the island) we still got some of the largest waves ive seen in many years, me and my friend were driving around in the afternoon, after the winds had died down, and he snapped this pic
  7. ivan really is a bad one, im glad to hear your family is good, to the other people, take care !!
  8. sickbugs


    gmail is good stuff :cool: actually i only got my account yesterday, a friend of mine i hadnt been in contact with in close to 2 years sent me an invite
  9. actually, we got of pretty easy !!! storm force winds, the eye passed 120 miles to the south of the island, i only got power back today (thats the problem with living on the east of the island.. they get around to us last) and still no water, we went driving around after the hurricane, some roofs lost, power out islandwide, lots of trees in the road.. but grenada so far has it the worst, my prayers go out to them with over 90% of their houses sustaining damage, jamaica is in for it bad too, catagory 5 with sustained winds of 160 mph (and higher gusts)
  10. well thankfully it dropped down to a catagory 2 earlier instead of going up to a 5, its actually starting to get windy now, i spent all day boarding up windows and moving things inside, now i finally get to sit back for a while and read and hopefully the electricity stays on
  11. weird little (well big) things arent they after not being hit by a hurricane since about 1953, hurricane ivan is forecast to hit here (barbados) sometime early tuesday morning.. the weird thing is, yesterday morning at 6am it was still a tropical storm, and tommorow morning, it could possibly be a catagory 5 hurricane !! ive sharpened my wood chisels, and will be settling down to do some hours of carving once the roof stays on, afterwards i'll probly be driving around helping people who need helping.. say a little prayer ::
  12. thats a sweet knife.. i must say ive never seen a point quite like that before how long is it?
  13. not bad for 2 days work nice little knife
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