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  1. I took the pic below at a history groop event in MO in June of this year. Fun to see two smallish viking boats in the water. Jeff
  2. Thanks! I'll see if I can't scrounge something a bit larger. I may try this one too, once I've built one the correct size.
  3. I was given an old steel scuba tank the other day. It's about 6 1/2" in outer diameter. I've been wanting to see how different the vertical style forge works than my horizontal. Counting the wall thickness and one layer of ceramic wool liner, I figure I'd be left with about 4" inner diameter. Is that too small for a vertical tube forge? Thanks! Jeff
  4. Awesome axe. Makes me want to take the say off and go play in the shop.
  5. That's a great book. Even has plans for a small smelter that can be dissasembled in the appendix at the back. Jeff
  6. That's a great book. Even has plans for a small smelter that can be dissasembled in the appendix at the back. Jeff
  7. Richard, That is amazing! Wow!
  8. That is really cool! Thanks for posting.
  9. I have the Viking Age one and the historic bladesmithing one. The good stuff: Darrell knows his history, and there is some good info in both. The bad stuff: The video quality and editing are both very poor. Also, many of the projects are not taken all the way to completion. Anyone that has done some smithing should be able to fill in the blanks I think. I'm happy with what I paid for them, and will likely buy his smelting CD at some point. Darrell really is a great resource, and frequently posts great info on a couple historical lists I haunt. It's too bad the image quality is so bad. Jeff
  10. I've seen some books with plans available from Lindsay's Technical books ( http://www.lindsaybks.com/ ). If I understand correctly, the molten iron absorbs carbon from the fuel as it melts, and the end product will be cast iron, not wrought. Looks like a fun project, but I think it would freak out my neighbors more than everything else I do. Oh, Lindsay's web page does not list all their books. IIRC, the catalog is free. Good luck! Jeff
  11. Awesome Bob! I have the Mastermyr book, but havn't tried to make any of the stuff in it yet. Inspiring! In looking at the adze, and at a lot of other axes and adzes of that age, I've noticed the back end has a "lip" at the bottom. How do you do form that part? Jeff
  12. That is really cool! Both the knives and the block. Where do you get the nylon fiber stuff? Jeff
  13. I've bought from metalliferous.com and contenti.com both have been good. Metalliferous has chunks for less than contenti, which sells casting grain. I've got no commercial interest in either, just use both of them from time to time. Both also have lots of other fun stuff to look at. Jeff
  14. Anyone know a good source for 1/4" flash arrestors and check valves? All my local sources seem really spendy. Looking at building a blown burner for a welding forge, and thought adding one would be a good idea. Thanks! Jeff
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