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    Growing, learning, improving<br />I've spent the last 9 years working as an artist in the field of special effects, specialising in sculpting and moulding. prior to that I was a joiner/carpenter for 10 years.

About Me

I'm 44 years young


I'm a contract/project manager for a company that builds Theatre Scenery, TV sets, Museum Installations, etc.


I've been doing my current job now for 4 years. I sit in an office (except for when I need to go out in to the workshops to check on jobs). I really never imagined myself having my own office, I thought I would be working hands on until I retired.


Prior to this I used to build props and do special effects for Film and TV in the UK and I did this for 10 years.


Prior to that I was a Carpenter and Joiner for 10 years (and dabbled in electrics and plumbing/gas fitting as a Kitchen Fitter)


And prior to that I was a hairdresser!!!!!!!


I've always enjoyed using knives as tools and at play. In 2002 it occurred to me that I could make a knife and I set about scouring the internet for information, I came across a UK website in 2003, and then through that website found this one. I've since discovered the art and aesthetics of knifemaking, and as someone with an art degree, have tried to bring a bit of design in to the things I have made, but I also try and keep a gritty hand made quality to the things I make and I'm a bit of a fan of the forge finished look.


I like to do things at my own time and pace. My work life is all about deadlines and having to push things through, so I prefer my hobby to counterbalance this. I sometimes wish I could immerse myself in it more, but work and home life would suffer and it's a choice I make to put limitations upon how much I invest in to and enter in to this field. It's not easy, it takes a lot of will power sometimes.


I've sold a few knives, in fact I have either sold or given away every knife I have made (finished), but it still remains a hobby


I also have been known to occasionally make forges for people (one of the benefits of having a large engineering/metal fabrication workshop at my disposal and plenty of offcuts to help myself to).


Some of the stuff I have done can be viewed here;




and here;




and here;




One of these days I'll get round to putting things on a proper website!


The future involves further study in to the psychology of conflict, aggression & violence and further writing on the subject which I hope to one day put in to a book.

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