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  1. Walter that is a wild hamon! Very cool.
  2. Here is a pic of one that delivered over the weekend:
  3. Thanks guys. The stag is from a large round that I split and mortised, so the pins are actually a mechanical fastner in the stag. the mortised joint was also dovetailed. On the W2 I have been applying the clay where I want the Hamon to end up. I use Brownells Tough Quench and it seems to work pretty well for creating the hamons. Yeah I would tend to agree that Bowie went downhill after Lets Dance.
  4. What I have been doing to get the French Gray is to to "lightly" bead blast the part then I use my ferrric chloride solouting to etch it lightly. When you remove the oxides with flitz it will give you the patina and the nice pleasent gray color. I do not know if this is the correct way to achive the french gray but it is the method that I use. Craig
  5. That is very cool. I would have a hard time not crushing something if I had that in my hands. It just begs to smash something!
  6. Here is one I finished up a couple of weeks ago. The Blade is about 10" of W2. The handle is amber colored sambar stag and the fittings are blued mild steel and nickel silver. I had a lot of fun building this. The D-guards are usually frustrating as I am building them but once they start coming together I really enjoy them.
  7. That is simply amazing!
  8. Here is the the smaller knife in the set. Â It is forged of 1080 with a 6 1/2"blade. Â It is 11 1/2" overall. Â The fittings are once again damascus with a sambar stag crown supplied by my customer. Â I hope you enjoy the pics. Here is a close up of the quench line. A pic of the set. A close up of the fittings, I forgot to include a pic of the fittings in my post of the larger knife.
  9. Here is one I just finished up. It is the first of a pair. I will be finishing the little brother tomorrow. The knife is forged from 1080 steel. I etched the blade to show the quench line. It is hard to see but there are what looks like floating islands down the length of the blade. I thought is was a cool effect. the blade is 9 3/4" long . The overall lengh of the knife is 16". The balance point is righ at the back of the guard. The guard and fittings are damascus steel. The stag crown was supplied by the customer. If you look just up from the edge you can see the floating islands.
  10. Thanks guys! I will try the wire trick on the turnback.
  11. Here is my first knife that I used a clay coating on the back of the blade during the quench. Â The blade is 7" of forged 1084 with an overall length of 12". Â The guard is damascus that transitions between the etched blade and the nickel silver spacer. Â The handle is african blackwood. I liked the hamon that I got and will be playing around with the clay quench some more. Â Any tips or tricks to the clay coating process?
  12. nice looking bowie!
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