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  1. thank you very much at all !!! this is the first piece of this project , now I must work on the rest. This project is not a order, and it allows me to do exactly what I want, without any constraint. This is something very pleasant.
  2. Hi, sorry to don't be more present on this forum but I read you often ! here is the first part of a project I'm working on : it is a fantasy sword with a 225 layers damascus blade, selective quenched with clay, carved ebony handle, damascus gard, all the rest is patined shibuichi.
  3. sword and scabbard are now completely finished and I wanted to thank everyone who helped me in this project! Now I understand how much long and difficult it is to make this sort of sword...
  4. Thanks! my power hammer is little : 40pound , but it works well...
  5. Here are the videos of the making of the blade of the Viking sword, others will follow for the achievement of the handle. I'm sorry, there are no comments in English, it will come soon. Part one http://www.youtube.com/user/gregdelaunay?feature=mhum#p/a/u/1/gLlObpob6lg Part Two http://www.youtube.com/user/gregdelaunay?feature=mhum#p/a/u/0/2f01tU9akqY
  6. Keit S, the book "'Swords of the Viking Age'" is my principal historical ressource. Here is the ended sword ! (I will make the scabbard after, at november) I make bronze pommel and guard with twist silver inlay. Sorry, my vocabulary is not so good to explain, but I think you will understand the work. Hope you will enjoy it. bigger picture here : http://www.elfic.fr/scrimimages/viking/viking29.jpg bigger picture here :http://www.elfic.fr/scrimimages/viking/viking28.jpg bigger picture here :http://www.elfic.fr/scrimimages/viking/viking27.jpg
  7. the blade was 7cm wide before welding, and 5cm now. Thickness is 6mm to 4mm at 10cm of the tip : it is a little too thick at the point, but the customer want a heavy blade... Thank uou Dave, but I don't think the handle will be carved...I'm not sure... The part of the movie for the blade is finished, but there is not the sound (commentary)...
  8. here I am !!! sorry for the delay... the project start again... Here is the pieces of bronze for the guard and pommel, and curly mapple for the handle (there will be silver later). It's just the beginning but it's pleasant to can take the sword in hand !
  9. umbo

    folding knife

    Thanks at all !
  10. Since a long time, a lot of people ask me : "when do you go to make folding knives ?" Then now I do. This is a linerlock system with titanium liner, a damascus blade with 208 layers of 3 steels : w1 / 15n20 / 1075 and boxwood scales. Hope you enjoy
  11. Wow !!! I'm speechless !!! :blink: I love it ! Thank you very much for sharing!!!
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