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  1. After much research and digging on these forums, and trying to translate what works and what doesn't, I finally came up with something. Obviously a modified fogg style but heck, why not go with what you know, huh? Overall dimensions are 30" long by 10" wide by 18" high. I have one (yes one) side arm burner entering at the front center, two inches of 8lb kaowool all around and coated with satanite, and a two inch black pipe running front to back that the blade goes into for heating. Venting will be through the roof with moveable panels to adjust vent size as needed. My test run this morning gave me a little over 20" of reasonably even heat at critical temperature (1550 degrees)with burner running at 3psi at tank. I imagine things would get very hot at 10 or 15 psi. I'm even more suprised that one burner could create the even heat over this long distance and probalby more with a longer forge body. It could get interesting with two burners mounted both ends. Next time. Anyway, I learned lots visiting here, Don's sight, Larry Zoeler's, Ron Reil's, etc.. and thought I'd share. Dan
  2. Thanks Joe, Glad to hear I'm not chasing another wild goose completely. I've considered electric too, though other than the cost of electricity, havn't heard other pros and cons. I did see Tiim Zowada's sight and the electrics he's selling but $1500 is a big investment. Dan
  3. I'm working on a long sword forge, mostly for heat treating and thought this up. Based on Don's plenum design on his sword forge. The idea, I guess, is to create a long slender flame. The long tube with the flame slot would mate up to the underside of a horizontal tube forge of desired length. The pipe that creates this burner I imagined would get a taper formed inside out of castable, getting more slender away from the burner to create back pressure and even out the flame along the slot. Anyhoo, with just some slap together parts and testing, it looks promising. Wondered if anyone else has experience this way or opinions? Dan
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