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  1. Thanks Zeb, and Steve. I'll Look that up.
  2. Hello all, I'm back. I had a health scare 4 years ago, and thought I was dyeing, So I sold all my knife making stuff. Well my treatment went well and I'm still kicking. So being retired now, and no shop, I have been kind of bored lately. So I found in my shed a Bob Egnath Katana, that I had forgotten about. It's one he made before he passed away. The only problem is that it had a crack in the tip. I reground the tip. But now the Hamon runs off the tip. I have read that when this happens to a Japanese smith, they cut the tip off backwards, kind of like a broken back saex. The problem is, I have never seen an example of this. Do they make a kind of reverse Kasaki? If anyone has a picture of this and can post it I would be eternally grateful. I hate to see one of Bob's last swords go by the wayside. He was getting some great hamons toward the end. Also, what would be the weight of a bare katana blade? 42" total. 31" blade, and 11" tang. This blade seems a bit heavy. Although after shaping and polishing it should lighten up a little. Sincerely, Tony G. P.S. If Mark P is lurking, How the heck are you doing? P.M. me. Antnee #1
  3. Hello All, I know that this sub forum is for selling knives we have made. But I have a few knives in my personal collection. A Larry Fuegan (spelling?) friction folder, a Jay Hendrikson, a D'Alton Hunter with Ivoy scales and engraved by his wife. And some others. Does anyone know of a site that I could post them up for sale ?, Or a good Purveyor, that I might be able to sell the collection to. It's not a big collection. But they are from makers that I admired their work. Even the not so well known ones. Thanks, for any info. Tony G.
  4. To All, The W2, and the wrought iron anchor chain are all gone. I want to thank everyone who bought anything from me. And I want to apologize to anyone who was late, and couldn't get what they wanted. This was a big help. As time allows, I will be putting up other things, that I think I can ship. I have little stash's around the shop of different types of steel, and other little goodies, like Japanese hammers and such. As I get time to go thru everything, I'll be posting more. Thank you all. Tony G
  5. Hello everyone, Most of my stuff I posted is gone. I do have about 50# of wrought iron anchor chain left. If anybody wants it, $2.00 a #, and on this last batch, I'll pay shipping. Just cause I want to move it out. I will have other stuff going up, as I go through my shop. And Thank you all. Tony G.
  6. Hello All, Thanks for the great response. All the W2 is gone. I still have about a 100# of wrought iron, if anyone else is interested. I will post more stuff as soon as I can. Thanks again. Tony G
  7. The Anvil, and heat treat oven are gone. I still have some wrought iron, and W2 left. I will be listing more stuff soon. Thank you all very much.
  8. I want to thank everyone for their orders. I still have some Anchor chain and W2 left, if anyone else would like some. And the big stuff except for the rolling mill is still available. Thank you all very much. Tony G.
  9. To all concerned, The Rolling mill is spoken for pending payment. Thank you all for your interest. Tony G.
  10. To all concerned, The Rolling mill is spoken for pending payment. Thank you all for your interest. Tony G.
  11. The W2 is in 2 1/8" Dia. and 2 1/4" Dia. bars. Don shipped them to me 4 bars to a box 40# ea box.
  12. On the wrought iron, I'll go out tomorrow see what the average waight of the lings are, and how many will fit in a flat rate box. and I'll post it here. Thanks guys.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, Do to unexpected health problems, I am forced to sell by bladesmithing equipment. This stuff is all local pickup, unless otherwise noted. Little tree forge treadle hammer, with two 65# heads. One has interchangeable dye's. asking $450.00 Wrought Iron Anchor chain. Asking $2.00 a pound. Can ship in flat rate box. I'll have to check to see what I can fit in the box's they have. The links weigh approx. 6# 12oz. Half links = half that. I can fit 7 whole links and two half links in a $12.85 Flat rate box. When I cut a link in half I cut it on the short ends, so you don't have much to straighten. So that's approx. 54# per box. Or however much up to that amount per box you want. I'm open to reasonable offers. Thank you all. Oh yea, I'm located in S.California. Lancaster, in the high desert. About an hour in a half from L.A..
  14. It looks like the wheels are turning downward, So if it throws the work, it's going down and hit the bench. This could bounce back up and get you, But I don't think it's to dangerous looking. Looks like a handy tool for making razors. I just can't see how he adjusts the space between the wheels. I may have to build one.
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