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  1. Print it on a copier, Make as many copy's as you want. Lay the copy on your steel ink side down against the steel and wet with acetone and rub. That will transfer the ink to the steel. Good luck. Tony G
  2. Tony, Just looked at the Diamondbacks. The NC knifemakers forge is very much like the Diamondback 2 burner Knifemaker/welding forge. Tony G
  3. Don't know about the Diamond Back, But I have a 2 burner knife makers forge from NC Tooling and it works great , even for welding. But Sam is right. If I was going to have only one I would get a blower one ( have one of those too ). But the NC 2 burner is easy to use. 12-15 lbs of pressure for welding and about 8 for just forging Tony G
  4. Don, just sent payment for 2 box's. I better get my press finished. I bet its a bear to work down wit a hammer. Thanks. Tony G
  5. I just sent my small donation. Caught me at a really bad time. I hope this helps a little. And I hope that the donation, paypal link stays open so I can donate more next month when I'm a little better off. I've learned a lot here, and I consider you all my friends and family. Tony G
  6. Hey Sam, Nice forging. You sure keep busy turning these things out. But I never get to see any of them finished. Unless I've missed them. Please show us how they look when they are done. You seem to be able to forge really well. I bet there aren't many hammer dings to grind out after forging. Wish I forged that well. I hope you take no offense by this. I grew up in N.Y. Moved when I was 30 to Ca. Maybe thats why I think you the man! From one New Yorker to another. Tony G
  7. Mr. Maxen, That is just amazing. Really beautiful work. Thank you very much for sharing. Tony G
  8. I'm not trying to highjack this tread, but I see many Habaki with gold foil. Does anyone know how the foil is applied?
  9. Chris, I'm in Lancaster. About an hour from Riverside. Not sure how far from Redlands, I'll have to look at a map. My shops are small, a 10x10 steel building for forging, a 10x10 building for finishing, and the garage has my mill/drill machine wood bandsaw, metal bandsaw, and surface grinder in it. But you are welcome. Don't do forging in the summer, its too dam hot out. Tony G
  10. Hey Don, Just curious, How do you except payment? Do you have a Paypal account? or will we have to send checks? Tony G
  11. Stunning knife. I was wondering also, is there any historical function behind the brass back ? or is it just for looks? And how is it fastened to the blade. Keep them coming. They are inspirational. Tony G
  12. That gents integral is sweet. The only thing that would make it better is if the scales were pearl. Thats what I thought they were until I read the description. But still a very very bitchin knife. maybe I'll have to make me one of those. I like the Kukuri too. Looks nice and long. Very nice stuff.
  13. Took Mike's liner lock class Oct. 2007. Great person, great teacher, and a true master smith. Very talented, and very friendly. You can't go wrong with Mike as your teacher. Tony G
  14. I'm no expert. But from what I've heard if you have a 3000psi cyl you shouldn't take it up to 3000psi, just for safety reasons. You could probably go to 2800psi, or better yet 2500psi. At 2500psi you need a 5" bore to get 24 tons of pressure. You should get Dr.Batsons book on building a press. Its got all that info in it. I bought the plans for the Hyde press when he first started making them and was selling plans. I don't know if he still does. All I need to get is a switch for the power to the 5hp Baldor motor I'm using, and a mount for the pump, and i can finish mine up. Soon hopefully.
  15. Aldo, First off, thanks for Mr.Eggerlings #. Second, more info on Aluminum Oxide sand, never heard of it. Sounds pomising. Tony G
  16. A word of caution when heat treating a blade with a spanish notch, Unless you are heat treating in a controlled temp, be careful because the little end of the scroll will get hot faster then anything else. I burnt the end of one right off. Am I the only one ever to do this? Probably! Tony G
  17. What Geoff said. And you don't need a horn for blade smithing. So a big block would work fine. I personally like having a horn. I was taught to use the horn for drawing out and putting a distal taper in a blade. But a lot of bladesmiths see no use for it. Tony G
  18. Hello Dan, Sorry about the sword. Do you think you can salvage it? Haven't seen you post in a long time, you been busy? Well its good to hear from you and see that you are still at it. Tony G
  19. Peter, Let me say again, that is one beautiful knife. I did notice the cutting edge of different steel on your knife. Never the less, after posting I thought oh no, what if he does it the same way the the person I talked to at the show does, I probably insulted him and got him really pissed off at me. I'm glad thats not the case. Thats very good info about the salt bluing. Are you using Nitra Blue salts from Brownell? I guess I better finish my press so I can make my own mosaic damascus. Or at least try to. Looks like I have some experimenting to do. One more question, do you do the sam
  20. Peter, That is one beautiful knife. I'm just starting to try and make liner locks. I took the course by Mike Vignano( hope I spelled his name correctly ), at Sierra Forge & Fire. I went to the Knife Expo in Pasadena, Ca. last weekend, and asked a few questions to the folder makers there. I'd like to tell you what I didn't like about what I was told, and then ask you a few questions if you don't mind. It seemed like the couple of people I talked to were all very nice and willing to answer questions. Typical very nice knife makers. Now it seemed like Eggerling damascus was very pop
  21. Hello Jim, Sam is right on. You have the Frontier look down. Really nice work. I like it! Tony G
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