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  1. Does anyone know if Robert Eggerling has a web page? Or if a distributor of his has a web page where I can see what patterns they have in stock and for sale. I tried a search, and all I get are knives made with his steel. Also anyone else that sells mosaic damascus. Thank you all.
  2. WOW! Now thats drawing out a piece of steel. I've got to get my press finished. Thanks for the demo Daniel.
  3. Jake, Be very careful with the notches when heat treating, unless you use an electric furnace or salt pots. The first blade I made a notch on and heat treated in the forge, the little part of the notch came up to heat a lot faster then the rest of the blade and burnt right off. Tony G
  4. Sounds like me. I always get the biggest model of whatever it is I'm getting and then regret it later. But that doesn't stop me from doing it over and over again. I'm just starting to learn my lesson. 1 1/2' is plenty long for a forge. Just leave a hole in the back to pass long stuff out of. Let us see what it looks like when its done.
  5. Mr. Evans, I don't reply often on the quality of peoples work, but for this I must make an exception. This knife is stunning. The whole package is just beautiful. Thats not to say that any of your other work is anything less. I've been to your site many times for inspiration, and everything I've seen of your's is just outstanding. I would give my first born ( if I had one ) to own this knife. Please keep showing us what you make, and thank you very much for sharing this wonderful gem with all of us. Tony G
  6. Ric, Did you make these for a customer, yourself, or did you just have nothing to do? Whatever the reason, they are gorgeous. Tony G
  7. Tony, What type of job is it, that you need a criminal background for? Sounds like it might be fun. Tony G
  8. Thats a wonderful book. And the price on Amazon is really good too. I bought it a while back and everyone wanted like $100 or more. I had to search to find it for retail. Can't remember if I tried Amazon. Probably not. I never look in the obvious place.
  9. Oh yea, Don't get me wrong. There is a lot of crap on there and you have to know what to look for. But there are more real anvils on there then I've seen before. As for pricing, well thats another story. Good luck to all. Tony G
  10. guarnera


    Thank you Howard for clearing this up for me. I never called the Co. because I am not looking to buy steel right now. If I come into any money in the near future I probably will be looking to buy a fair amount of one type of steel, so I can just use that one. For now, I have enough 5160 to hold me over with the few blades I get done occasionally. Thanks Tony G
  11. I was cruising ebay today. Man, there are a lot of anvils on there today. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone is looking foe one.
  12. guarnera


    Just wanted to bump this up to the top so that maybe Howard would chime in and give his opinion on these composition. I like the amount of carbon (.86) in the W2 but was wondering if the 1% V in the W1 would be better then the .24V in the W2. The W1 also has less MN in it, although not by much. So if you read this Howard, please let us know your thoughts on these two steels. Tony G
  13. Sam's just over compensating for the loss of his hair. Actually Sam, your my kind of man. The blade is looking good. It looks a little longer then the one in his mouth, but thats OK. Is that hollow ground? Keep them coming. I think a 1/4" guard would be more like it. 3/8 will be to thick. Show us when its done. Tony G
  14. guarnera


    They also list a W2 that looks a lot like Howard Clarks 1086M C SI MN CR MO W V .86 .23 .32 .15 .10 .15 .24 I'm not exactly sure of the composition Of Howards 1086M so please correct me if I'm wrong. If these analysis are correct either of these steels would be worth looking into.
  15. I have Ju-Ju, Did I infringe on your pattern. I beg your forgiveness. Please don't sue me. I promise I'll never use it if you don't. Now I'm scared ! All I have to say about Mr Watson is that I think he needs a visit from some big guys with bent noses for a little Italian justice. I'm with Tim all the way on this. I'd be really pissed if it was me, and keep on making these knives just to spite this asshole. I'm usually a very mellow person, but for some reason, this has really pissed me off. I'd like to meet this guy in a dark ally. Tony G
  16. You know Sam, I was amazed at how different some people act toward you when you cut your hair. Its a shame that some people are so screwed up. I always had long hair when I was younger. I also have about 11 tatoo's from my younger days. When people would see me they would think I was a hard core biker, or X-Con or something. I did have bikes before I got married, but just because you ride a bike and have tatoo's and long hair doesn't make you a bad person. I really am a nice, and peaceful, and likable guy , once you get to know me. If I do say so myself. Some people are so short sighted. Neve
  17. Hey Sam, Although I'm a fan of long hair, the hair cut looks really good on you. You did look kind of like a madman with the long hair. Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a madman. I'm married now, so my long hair days are over. My wife makes sure I get regular hair cuts. One of the down sides of marriage! Tony G
  18. John, Very nice knife and sheath. Just one question, does a patch knife have the bevel on one side or both? I would think just one, but I've never been sure.
  19. guarnera


    To add to what Don said, Flux also lowers the melting temperature of scale so it turns liquid and is pushed out of between the layers when forge welding. And you do not use it when just forging any old thing, just when welding.
  20. WOW! Makes me want to take up smoking. Thats one nice pipe.
  21. Tony, That really cool. Are you sure thats not really a star gate. But seriously folks, that is cool. I'm a tech for NASA, and I love cool science stuff like that. I'm always helping to build neat instruments, but mostly for things that will go into space. Sounds like you had a great time, and have a really promising future ahead of you. Plus you have the number one best first name in the universe. Good luck. Tony G
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