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  1. This has probably been covered, but I did a search and couldn't find the answer. I was looking at the book "The Viking Sword" last night, and I was wondering how they did the wire inlay on the pommels and gaurds? I know how an engraver would do it. He would cut a grove about the diameter of the wire, then under cut the sides of the groove, and then lay the wire in the groove and tap the wire into place so that it expands into the under cut of the groove so that its fixed in place. However, the wires are laid so close together on these gaurds and pommels that it does not look like there is e
  2. Nick, On the texturing dies, did you use gas or flux core wire in your mig? Tony
  3. $650.00 ??? Dam man, you work cheap. This knife looks like its worth a heck of a lot more then that. The workmanship is just extrordinary! Wish I had $650 extra lying around that the wife didn't know about. You rock .
  4. Hey there guys and gals' First of all, I'm a computer retard, and I know nothing about digital photagraphy. Having said that, I just got a digital camera, not the one I would of gonnen, but my wife bought it. I also just got a computor at home. So to get to the point, I bought some tutorial software on learening Window XP from the Video Wizard guy on T.V.. For paying for it before my trial period was over I got for free a 3 disk set of Photoshop 7 , I had a choice of a bunch of differant stuff, there is a beginners, an intermediate, and an advanced. I believe, or I hope its the softwa
  5. Can't you stack the .030" spacer material? With a little pressure and epoxy you shouldn't be able to tell.
  6. Hey John, I have one of his old ones. You mean the kind thats just two parrellel plates with guide pins and a hardened top on both plates. This was the first type he offered. If this is what you are looking for let me know. I used it only once, so its in mint condition. However, I don't need another filing jig, you got anything else you want to trade. Oh, I had a crash here and lost my e-mails that had your address, could you please re e-mail that to me and I will get those plans out to you. Tony
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