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  1. I have these guys VFD on my Bridgeport and on my grinder LINK Then just add a suitable sized 3 phase motor.
  2. Yah, but it's a fun death. The real question is, if he's getting rid of this stuff, how cool is the stuff he's keeping?
  3. Stephen, I tried to reply to your email but it bounced back. Is your forum email current. Brad
  4. I know but it's been sitting there for years, since about the same time my kids were born(I wonder if there's a correlation. I've been burned out on the knife making for a while now, I had a period were money was short and I made knives not because I wanted to, but because I had to. It just became too much work and no longer my hobby. So I'm trying to cull the herd in the garage. BTW if anyone is reading this I added a CNC Mill:
  5. Lower Price Press is sold I started this in 2005 and have yet to finish it. So I figured I'd get it out of the garage. Located in Riverside CA 1 SPOOL 25 GPM PRINCE RD513CA5A4B1 OC VALVE 11 GPM HALDEX/BARNES 2 STAGE HYD PUMP 4.5X5X1.5 DA HYD CYL MD45005024C-A 10 GAL HYD RESERVOIR 4000 PSI 2.5 LM DRY GAUGE 5hp 220v motor - there's a second one with a bad bearing or something you can have. Mechanically press is complete is full of hydraulic fluid and runs. needs dies and and any guards safety stuff, paint etc. oil stain on floor is from me spilling oil not from a leak pics: pic 1 pic2 pic 3 pic 4 Not sure what to ask for it. I know the new ones go for about $3500.00 so how about starting off at SOLD Would be open to trades, just not sure what. (Billy Mays Voice)Buy by the end of the year and I'll throw in 2 blocks of 01 approx 3"x3"x12" Also Now available Bench top CNC milling machine Harbor Freight 1-1/2hp milling machine like this one Upgraded with 2 1200 inch oz steppers and 1 450 inch oz steppers 1200 inch oz is Waaaaaay overkill I built the control to eventually go on a Bridgeport knee mill. Controller has 3 gecko drive stepper contoller and a power supply big enough to run 4 1200 inch oz motors at the same time. includes PC with Mach2 software. PC is nothing special. Also include the Cabinets and stands. Located in Riverside $1500.00 for everything $700.00 for just the mill (no controller or steppers) It does have the original hand wheels and other parts if you want to use it manually Pics: My link1 My link 2 Sample part: My link 3 Any questions feel free to contact me: Brad Brad@riversideforge.com
  6. For sale is a Square Wheel belt grinder (not a wilton)$400.00 OBO grinder is located in Riverside CA near 15 and 10 freeways. Let me know if you need larger pics or photos of specific area I picked this up at a machine shop closure as a backup to my 960. 2" x 72" 1hp 110v motor Built like a tank I only have what is in the pictures no other accessories. Now the bad, it has a signifigant tracking problem. I believe that somewhere along someone modified the flat spring so the top tracking wheel is out of kilter. I don't know though since I don't have another grinder to compare it to. Has quite a few grind marks from the tracking problem including a little hole through the side "door" Motor runs strong and all the other parts like bearing seam fine. Brad Now the pics
  7. Not mine just passing it along link Brad
  8. Well personally I like to Cheat If you want to Half your motor speed just have the drive wheel be half of the driven pulley. 1800rpm motor 6" drive pulley 12" for the other output is 900 rpm. Now calculate 900rpm as the motor speed, we have a 23.125" flywheel that we want at 220rpms so we need a 5.65" pulley 6" would prob be fine. So a 1800rpm motor with 6" pulley connected to a shaft(would be turning at 900rpms) on a couple pillow blocks with a 12" pulley(belt to motor) and a 6" pulley(belt to flywheel turning at 233.51rpms) Now I've never set a hammer up but it should work. As always overbuild everything Brad
  9. Compressor motors aren't meant to run under load for extended periods. Plus being open frame it may not last as long. I would go with the farm duty motor. The other option is to do 2 pulleys to drop the speed of the motor down. Brad
  10. Ok let see if we can figure this out. according to James you want the Flywheel going 220-230rpms if its 23.125" like he guesses(please measure it) For a 1800rpm motor you need a 2.86" pulley to get 220rpm on the Flywheel or 2.95" for 230rpm. A 1740 motor like would need about a 3" pulley How many Hp are you looking for? I was told there would be no math Brad
  11. I LOVE falcatas and that is has got to be the most be the most beautiful one ever. plus I see a little cromagnon skull in the hamon on the first picture Brad
  12. In case any one is interested $200.00 in Azusa Ca. link Brad
  13. It was brought to my attention I have no price on the o1. I've got quotes for about $250-350.00 for new of course. So I was thinking $85.00 for the little one and $120.00 for the bigger. The weights are 42 and 53 pounds approx. These has been sitting in the shop for about 10 years so make me an offer. I'm willing to trade for supplies; borax, materials for damascus, wrought iron or anything else I can use. Like I said I can deliver to the So Cal knives show. Or meet up somewhere in southern California. PMs with shipping quotes have been sent to Sam and Chris. Brad
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