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  1. these are beautiful knives! congratulations to the well deserved JS stamp! best ragards, hans edited to add: indeed, eric is a magician! the first two knives on the group shot are the same knife photographed from both sides, right? i love that one!
  2. what a great knife, a perfect synthesis of jim schmidt's and your distinctive style. i love that subtle damascus pattern! is this a san mai blade? gorgeous, gorgeous... hans
  3. ahh, my little beauty! thanks for posting it here, jd! and thanks for the kind comments! this is very special knife, believe me! best regards, hans
  4. this is in fact the first time i really regret that daggers/dirks and similar knives are forbidden in switzerland. excellent work, beautiful sheath! best regards, hans
  5. i second geoff's opinion. we have used carbon steel kitchen knives (mostly 1095) for several years. the exception is the bread knife (boye dendritic steel). just don't let them in the sink overnight... best regards, hans
  6. terrible news, dee... i wish you all the best. remember THE blade? it's always on my desk, gets used and caressed. but whatever you'll do, as long as you put so much of yourself in anything you make as you put in your knives, you won't fail. hans
  7. jd, superb! if only we could see more of your work! best regards, hans
  8. charles, i am deeply impressed, congratulations! do you have a close-up picture of the escapement? is that a wooden barrel or is there a driving-weight i can't see on the picture? hans
  9. dang, looks like my "geburtstagsmesser"! excellent job! see you soon! hans
  10. larry, cheques won't work, sorry, but i'll find a way to get the dough over the pond. it won't be much, however... i'll keep you posted. hans
  11. Hans Holzach

    wish me luck.

    good to see you back! hans
  12. Hans Holzach

    wish me luck.

    take care, dee! i use THE blade almost every day, therefore i think of you almost every day. don't know, but it might help hans
  13. what about a paypal address? i have no tools to donate, but a few bucks might help as well, i suppose. hans
  14. my mother tongue is swiss german, some kind of a german dialect that most germans hardly understand. however, in school we have to speak and write high german, newspapers, a lot of tv programmes etc. are in high german as well. despite the fact that high german is very common here, many swiss german speakers are in serious trouble as soon as they have to say or write a simple german sentence, because the german grammar is a little bit different from the swiss german grammar, and known to be much more complicated than that of languages like italian, french, spanish, or english, dutch etc. i
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