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  1. oops - did something wrong a while ago. I sometimes use 'red oak' from Lowes or Home Depot for handle material. Cheap - for 'less expensive' knives. Haven't used any thing I made with it but seems to be ok. KSB
  2. I got a HF 'special' - its nothing special but it works. Got it vertical. Use it to cut out guards and handle material - the 'vertical table' isn't large but its enough - it'd be hard to get along without it. KSB
  3. Rick 2112 - I'm in Tallahassee. There are several bladesmiths in the area. FABA ( we're in the NW region ) has a meeting every second Sat. of the month ( the apr meet is in Blountstown ) - check out http://www.blacksmithing.org/. Also Southern Bladesmiths are in area - http://southernbladesmiths.ning.com/ or http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Southernbladesmiths/ Also SBS is having a knife show in Blountstown 24 Apr. KSB
  4. A nitrate finish will give you a nice hard black finish. http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=1373&hl=nitrate&st=20 ksb
  5. I made my two daughters each a meat cleaver for Christmas. Made from an old circular saw blade - abt 2' dia. Mostly stock removal - edge forged down. Both blades are about 4" x 6". Micarta handles. They DO chop well. I'm sure they both are in a drawer by now where they will remain unused forever ....oh well. Here is link to some better pics if your interested. http://www.flickr.com/photos/magonojo/sets/72157623120944103/ KSB
  6. I made a 'kitchen' knife from a 7 1/4" saw blade about 20 yrs. ago. Recon I didn't temper quite high enough - dropped on concrete floor and the tip broke off. Reground it. Is my favorite kitchen knife - holds a good edge for a long time. ksb
  7. I had same problem with mine when I tried to lower temp to heat treat in 'forging' forge - flame front would burn back into burner and start 'poping'. I made a 'bushing' that I can jam in burner outlet that reduces burner outlet area about half - speeds up air flow. No more problem. ksb
  8. I've got a 4" Makita I've used and abused for abt 4 years. Still good as new. Not saying it is the best but it is good. KSB
  9. Ray Kirk has 15n20 http://www.rakerknives.com/ ksb
  10. A few pic from Tannehill this year. If any body objects to their pic being posted let me know and I'll delet it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/magonojo/ ksb
  11. Well - a little late to get in on this, but.... my tempering tank is 6" x app 48", peanut oil. Have 2 1200W (short) hot water elements in bottom. Units wired in series so use 220v. Wrapped with insulation then put stove pipe around that to hold it in place. Using a 'stove' type variable control. Seems to be good for abt 480*f. max. Have lid. Also put faucet at bottom so I can draw out a bit of oil for other quenching jobs ( and h20 too ). ksb
  12. The first pair of 'tongs' I had I made from a pair of slip-joint pliers. Welded up one of the holes ( this isn't really necessary ), ground down the bits some, welded a flat piece of 1/4" by appx 1 x 1 1/2" to each bit then 'adjusted' them for 1/4" stock ( what I needed them for at the time ) and welded about 12" reins on the handles. They look sorta dorkey but they worked well and I used them for a long time. KSB
  13. Thanks all . Hi Garrettt - one I had finished a time ago ( the 1050 ). It replaced one I messed up. Seemed like a good idea at first ( yeah - I'll make the g-kids a knife ) but then became a 'job'. Also I'm not much leather worker either. Sorta takes the fun outa it when you gota get it done before a deadline. K
  14. Here are the grand kids Christmas presents this year. ( I tried to post pic here but can't - maybe be my comp - have had trouble with IE 8 - could be that ) Anyway put 'em on Flicker. Top is for my grand daughter - 1050 & ebony, next is for her brother - 5160 & linen micarta, next 2 are for other 2 grand sons - both 1095 & canvas micarta link is : http://www.flickr.com/photos/magonojo/ the Xmas gift album KSB
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