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    sorry my friend, I lost my baby brother when he was 50, and I was 52, I’m miss him every single day. It’s going to hurt, but you can get through it. Just remember love,
  2. I'll take the Sugimori and the Midgett,,, thanks jm
  3. What about a personal delivery? Sure could use that. Alas, not in the budget, dang,,,,
  4. Heya Craig, wish you weren't doing this, but the wheel just keeps on turning. I hope you work it all out. I'll take the square W2 bars. thanks, best, jm
  5. Wes, I have some 1 7/8"(I think) round from Don that I could trade for some of Aldos when it comes in. Let me check the size, prob fit a flat rate usps box. jm
  6. great "big" axe practice,,,, looks cool
  7. wow, I can't help but think that this knife is really sharp,,, I love how you finish the edge Randal,,, looks to be one cutting piece of steel,,, jm
  8. ha, that's funny shit Niels,,, jm
  9. Tony, if you can sell your furnace locally, please do it. I am still negotiating with the partner on this. This is still a hobby for me and there isnt any "money" for extras now. Of course we disagree on what "extras" are,,, I'm usually wrong. jm
  10. Hate to hear that stuff. Hope you can recoup some of your $$. Which controller is on the paragon? Any chance you could arrange for shipping on that? Anyhow, I hope it can somehow work out for you,,, jm
  11. Here is my latest, and best, work so far. It is a petite cooking knife in a Japanese fashion. 1084 (A's), birdseye maple, G11 from years ago, and some coin fokume. Came out great. It was for a good friends 50th and since he is a trained and experienced chef, I am sure I will get some good input from him, and prolly some good grub! Hope you guys like it,,, jm I think it's the one under the rest,,, gluing some handle together,,, how does it look together? super long handle,,, a look at the grind,,, obligatory close-up,,, on a rock,,, rounded edges for user comfort,,, using it one last time before I dropped it off,,,
  12. I really like that Nate. Great knife. jm
  13. thanks fellas, It's just the right size for what I need. Should make for some pretty, shiny things,,, jm
  14. Hey all, I have a couple of "pure" (?) nickel bars I had bought for mixing in a laminated bar. Can I use them as is for blade furniture? They are not nickel-silver. thanks jm
  15. Have you contacted Sam directly (and privately) to see what he has to say?
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