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  1. Hi everyone Finaly I have just finish my first propane forge. I want to know if I'm doing everithing right. On the picture you can see my setup(thanks Don for the plan....they were usefull) The blower I use is only 50 cfm. So when I test it I had to let the air valve almost close. I start with 6lbs on the regulator and when I open the air too much it turn off. I thought I could open the air valve a little bit more!! How much propane do you use on yours and how many cfm do you have on your blower. If you have any advice I'm listening. As you can see on the picture I could heat a peace of O-1 and after few minutes it was ready to be quench. Thanks for your tips.
  2. What else can I say? We missed you Thanks to be back
  3. Hi guys Thanks for all your information and your comments. :notworthy: I really thought I could build a forge that could do everythink. My first goal was for heat treating but I want to try forging next summer (It's winter over here) So what I'm going to do is build a movable wall (thanks Dan for the picture) and I'm going to use it with only only one burner instead of two. (thanks Geoff for the idea) I will see how it works.
  4. Sorry..... I' know about the size of the picture. I realize it after I finish to write the post. I did not know that I could go back and change it! Thanks for the info. I already put the ceramic insulation and I don't think I want the tear out what I'v done. But I will remember that when the insulation will not be good anymore. So if I understand wright I can use it with only one burner! Good I will put a ball valve like you said. The burner I want to do is the one I found on that web site. I try to find the link to show you but I could not find it. I'll try to fix it to this message as attachment. About the pipe for the blower and the burner....I was suppose to use plumber pipe but want it to know if muffler pipes are safe for the burner? I will try to draw something to show you the problem I have with the pipe. I will put it in a next post. Thanks Dan PlanForge1.pdf
  5. Hi everyone I'm building my first gas forge. The size is 20'' long by 10'' diameter. I wanted to be sure that I could do short sword or machetes(thats why is't 20'' long) so I did two hole for the burner to make sure it's hot enough. My probleme is I did not mesure the space between the hole and now I have a hard time with the pipes. I was thinking to do one pipe out from the blower separating in two pipe that go to the forge. Do you still follow me?? First question: Do you think one burner will be enought for the size of that forge? Second question: Can I use exhaust pipe to do the burner. I'm sorry if my questions and my texte is not clear but I have a hard time to explain what I want to do.
  6. Hi everyone A friend gave me that blade that came from a machine you called ''chipper'' .You know the kind of machine that do wood chip with a log? I try to reach the company by email to know what steel is it but no answer came back. The size of the blade is 15 5/8'' long x 2'' wide x 1/4'' thick. Anyone know that company? Thank you
  7. Hi everyone I'm curious to know how you do the side of your blade. You know when you try to do the sharp grinding line of a knife and you realyze that you go to high from what you draw. I know a way to do it with my new Coote belt grinder. I pass on the flat plate but do you guys have a special technic. I hope my question is clear....I have a hard time with my english
  8. Thanks everyone for your comment....and thanks Brian for the search you made about the belt. I will check that. With all the comment you all wrote I think I have a good argument to order the 2''x 72'' beltsanders I wants.....I mean with my wife if you see what I mean.... Danny B
  9. Hi everyone. Another newbe question....sorry! I'm learning knifemaking with a small 1''x30'' belt sanders(no wheel) and I found it very difficulte to controle the metal when I want to do a nice sharp grinding line. Is it easier to do with a wheel belt sander? I'm planing to buy one and I want to know if my knifemaking teaching will be easier
  10. Hi everyone As a new knifemaker I was wondering what was all the possibility on grinding steel. Let say that I want to grind a tactical knife with sharp line like the one on this picture. Can we do that by hand with our beltsander? Thanks for the info heckler.bmp
  11. Thank you Daniel I was thinking of trying the 10... category after I watched Wally Hayes tape ''How to do Katana tac'' Thanks for your time and knowledge Danny
  12. Thanks guys That what I taught.....that's not a new magic steel. Is it 5160 best steel to do a sword. We want to do tameshigiri with it.
  13. Sorry but that's all I have. That's the kind of info a receive from a guy who was said by another guy that swedish powder steel was good" If you know what I mean?? Thanks anyway.. Danny
  14. Hi everyone Could somebody help me?? I need info on swedish powder steel. I would like to know if it's good steel. Is it a good choice for a sword? everything you have. Thanks
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