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  1. Hi all, last Saturday I meet Jake in Solinge in the Deutsche Klingenmuseum . We had a great time together, seeing us after sveral years again talking about our work, family and about swords. To make it sort, we are planing a second cooperation and for sure it will be a sword. I have to thank all the guys and girls here viewing this projekt, we have over 60.000 views, you rock, thanks.
  2. Dang.. great work Dave, it was realy nice to meet you in person.
  3. I have seen it yesterday, it is realy brilliant. I made some pictures of the exibition and will post them when I have prepared the immages.
  4. Some times ago, I talked with Peter Johnsson about a damascus integral sword, I mean blade, hilt, tang from one single piece of damascussteel, and he sayd, " wy not"? Maby I have to give this idea a shot.
  5. Hey Kenon, if you seek for UPOTEX in the www. you will finde some work I made with the titanium material I made.
  6. Thanks for your replays, I will go for a sword. In the moment I have a young talented stone sculpter in the shop and he is a totaly knive man. So maby he is interrested to go with me this projekt. I am not in bronze cating, but I am interrested to go fo this. Please be so kind and give me some time, we are verry busy here, but making a sword is just..........you know. Best wishes to you. Uli
  7. My dear friends at this forum, I am thinking about starting a new projekt, maby with some blade making frinds together, I dont know. I like to Know what do you like to see from me, maby you have a idea. By the way............... all the best for the new year. To late? Hahaha Best wishes Uli
  8. I am verry proud and happy, to show you this video. Thanks to Marcellinies in Essen Germany .https://vimeo.com/74939601
  9. I have some great news for you: I found a new knife company, the Hohenmoorer Messer Manufaktur. After 17 years knive making and some tons of damascus I thougt it is time to do that. In the first step we are doing kitchen knives, the YVO series. The come in carbonsteel, damascussteel and the 3 cookingblades also in 3 layer steel. One main part is to work with local materials, as we have oak for the handles, bogoak for the damascus blade handles, great paperboxes made from recycled paper. Aso we are a manufaktur this means we have many worksteps doing by hand and also some with modern machi
  10. Richard, that is realy beautifull, if you make one for Peter I also like one from the same billet. No, better idea: I start forging a billet send it to Peter, he will forge one ore two fireweldings and than send it to you. Than we can make some rings out of this multiple continental damascus bar. yuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  11. I would like to show you some damaskus ring work from me with the pure silver and gold work from my friend and goldsmith Katrin Bindernagel Wild. If you have special wishes, let me know.
  12. The first /world/ half ball made from UPOTEX and 2 made from damascus. Thanks for looking.
  13. Thank you all for your warm welcome back. I am realy glad to be a member of this verry, verry fine community, thanks.
  14. Hello again, I hope you all are fine and have a great summer. I was bussy the last 12 month leading the produktion of a kitchen knive manufactur here in Germany, but also able to finish this Jambia over the last few month. I hope you like it. More to come soon .
  15. In Germany Katrin, the goldsmith, who made this wonderfull silver work, called this dagger" Prachtdolch " and I said, verry nice. 5 bars twisted damascus for the blade with a silver cast work handle from Katrin Bindernagel Wild. Thanks for looking
  16. I like to show you my latest creation. The damascus is forged to match the coral, 5 bars twisted for the blade and the bolster. 6AL4V for the linerlock frame, blasted and heat colored. Damascus thumbstub and a floating pin are completing this folder Blade: 93mm/ 3,66 inch Over all: 218mm/ 8,58 inch Blade thickness: 3,9mm/ 0,15 Thanks for looking
  17. After old pictures and discriptions I made my interpretation of an Shakespear knife. The blade is my wilde damasus, mounted in steel and dessert ironwood. Thanks for looking Ps. To be married is a verry nice feeling, thanks again for all your good wishes.
  18. Many thanks to all of you We have had a great day and we both said YES with no hesitation Thanks again from Yvonne and Uli
  19. Yvonne and me will need this rings tomorrow. I am verry happy Thanks for looking.
  20. This was the last folder for this year I forged the handle out of my nickel damascus to an U as you can see the damascus pattern flowing over the back of the handle. The blade has a cuttingege from C100 carbonsteel with some nickeldamascus in a san mai sandwich. Bladelength: 95mm about 3,74 inch. Thanks for looking and have a great new year.
  21. I am happy that I can show you my new doubleaction automaticfolder. It has a fixed backbar with a leafspring under it. As you can see no screws and no release button on this folder, but it is screwed together and it is possible to disassemble it.
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