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  1. that setup works like a charm!!!!having graded charcoal on other tables and having used this one,what sets this one apart is how heavy its built. that mass seems to help with the chopping..
  2. get a hammer.... stay away from tirehammer"s and lg's if you can.... if your having issues finding a hammer... pm me i know where there about 12 different hammers for sale... above and beyond what you will find here on here or anvilfire
  3. 240 seems just right,maybe a tad slow even if your hammer is under 100lb..and yeah the holding still part is important!!lol: )
  4. i have some spalted apple i'll trade for a small piece... : ) grats on the score!!
  5. there was a miltary fighting knife that looks a great deal like the blade you sketched called a smashet(smashit??/spelling?) it was just a great deal larger.. please post pics when your finished..
  6. how usable is that hawk???? tools from africa ive seen made that sameway all had knots/burls where the tool head was attached...
  7. SPRONK!!!!!!! nice job man....i'm planning on adding a second hammer to the shop, and think this will be the hammer style to make..(plus it will put that 2000lb block i have to use!!) alan your sure your hammer's motor/ pulleys ect are set up right? 320 bpms seems wwwway to fast(unless your running a pullmax or that sorta hammer)
  8. how did you "smoke" the oak to get that color ???
  9. very nice looking work jake!!what did you use to get that patina ???
  10. homebrewed hammer ??mind posting some pics of your hammer ??? did you use a set of plans ??? what weight is your ram??? what did you use for guides ??
  11. no lie crow...a power hammer changes EVERYthing..... from size of work you can do to your production but if your hand work is crappy your powerhammer work will be too... guess its a blessing my hammer's down, as its forcing me to develop my handwork... liking your tooling alot... cool idea's!!!
  12. well must say ,alan took the words outta my mouth on that one.... amazing...
  13. the moon is powerful isnt she ??? do you think you could give use a step by step on how you did the scales? truely fine work...
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