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  1. Dan736


    Archie I know the feeling I once clanged my finger between two oxygen bottles and the pressure blew the blood right out the of the pad leaving a rather large hole and me in both pain and stunned surprise.Your the only other person that I have heard that happen to.Mine healed 100% good luck with yours.
  2. Bryan wrote "Nothing beats a old lincoln you can pull behind a truck" I have many fond memories of those old girls,tough to kill for sure and if one had a dead battery you could hook the welding leads together from another one and jump start it that way. OK DAN my last post was in response to this "3/32 of an inch should be roughly 2.3mm, and believe me, no matter what nice a welding machine you have, with 2.3mm rods you are not welding every thickness of material, just forget this. Does not work, does not happen" This statement that your made is wrong,fully completly. AS for explaining penetration I will take a shot at it.Firstly you should always use the biggest dia. rod that you can do a good job with because time is money,this is why we use big rod.A nicer job can be done with 1/8 because a smaller puddle is easier to control,which means more surface tension.Now I know that you are a fan of blasting in a hot root pass on a fillet weld and this can give you a bigger welded area or more penetration.What it also gives you is a bigger "heat affected zone" in the parent metal which amounts to more shrinkage and more stresses built into the welded joint.If there is a welding inspector on site he will not tolerate this practice.If the welder feels the joint needs more strength then it should be chamferred and or have more passes put on it. A licenses welder must pass a welding test every two years and noboby has ever failed because of "lack of penetration",many have failed because of "lack of fusion" In these test the edges of two 1/2 inch plates are fully fused,they become one.If you do this same test hotter for more penetration into the sides of the plates what do you gain? The answer is you gain only bad things. That is why SJ BRADY could be quite successful in welding up a forge or even an anvil for that matter.And by the way your old arc welder may deliver 350 amps but it does it at around 25 volts not 400.And Brady if you do get that machine get some 3/32 dia. AC 7018 rod what the AC rod does is ionize the arc path which helps the arc reestablish it's self when it changes polarity 60 times every second this amounts to smoother easier welding.Dan this is real close to the most typing that I have ever done so I do hope that I learned you sumthin.Ding ding he goes back to his corner and asks his trainer "was that the last round?"
  3. Now I am not trying to pick a fight and I don't want to sound insulting But Dan,you clearly do not understand penetration.In my 25 years as a welder I have been fortunate enough to learn mig,tig and stick with a huge variety of metals including aluminums,copper chrome-moly and lots of other neat-o stuff,I spent 7 years teaching night school at the union hall,so if I offer a bit of advice on the matter it's probably true.AC only machines are the very cheapest machines on the market such as the one in question.the only possible exception I can think of would be an alumninum only tig machine and that uses a square wave so that each time the current alternates(60 times a second)it spends less time near or around zero current which makes it a lot smoother.For a welding school to only have AC machines is beyond strange.No offense ment fellas.
  4. with 3/32 dia. weldind rod you will be able to weld any thickness metal that you want,try it at about 90 amps,the big problem with that machine is that it appeares to be an AC only machine which is a MAJOR problem and I would really urge you to spend a bit more and get a DC machine.But if you are buying that one get yourself some 7018 AC welding rod ,make sure it is AC rod! Also get rid of that silly welding shield and get one that has some head gear in it and a flip up outer lens so you can chip you slag without it melting into your face.you will also need a grinder,get one that can use zip cut blades as well and you will be on your way,good luck and try to have fun with it
  5. Hi karl I'm hoping to hear from you as well
  6. I'm starting to think that you should be declared a national treasure Jake,well done.
  7. Very nice,I really like that handle alot,could you please give us a bit more information on it's construction.
  8. Dan736

    Firey Lips

    Had a few hot ones go down my shirt to burn in at my waist line only to quickly undo my pants and have gravity make matters much worse :261: ,another one I hate is in the ear and listening to my skin sizzle 3 weeks ago a major blob burned through the fabric tongue of my work boot while in the preztle position,I couldn't even jump around,just had to stand there and take it
  9. A very nice knife indeed,The Ironworkers that made up the riveting gangs in the in the day were a close knit bunch.The man on the forge had to be able to toss the hot rivets a long way sometimes and never miss cause if he did someone on the ground might get hit by it and of course there were different lenghts of rivets which made the job that much harder.A lot of the oldtimers considerd riveting to be nice work when they were in with a good gang of guys.I have removed many a rivet over the years and you can tell a lot about what was going on when the rivet was installed by the way it comes out.I would loved to have spent a few weeks in your Grandfathers shoes up on a big bridge,thanks for sharing
  10. Ug,sorry Alan I should read a little more carefully before engaging my mouth. If you tighten up the straps you might get it to more or less seal but that is not what they are designed to do
  11. The cheapest lightest,best respirators are made by 3M with their 2047 filters,They will fit under a welding shield and are the product of choice for the professionals.The filters have carbon in them so even if you light yourself on fire you will not smell the smoke,they wash well and the masks come in three sizes to fit all.If you know any construction workers or the like ask them if they can help you out.And yes they seal well and stay sealed when you turn your head.
  12. Nothing but muck and more muck here in southern Ontario,if I have to wait another two weeks to get on my mountain bike my head will explode!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Good job,nice lines and very clean looking
  14. The fitting tips that I mentioned in my post were directed towards Rick to give him an alternative to wasting a large amount of money on something that is nowhere near necessary or even that handy for that matter. As far as experience goes I have been a professional ,union ,welder /fitter/rigger /erector for 25 years now so I really don't need any help on the subject.
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