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  1. Finished a little user yesterday. For my hands this size of knife is rather perfect. You have all the blade you need for daily tasks and the handle still provides a comfortable grip. Made a smaller one as well, gonna show that sometime soon. Meanwhile some specs. Overall: 16 cm Blade: 8 cm, 3 mm 1.2842 (0-2), 600 grit handrubbed finish Handle: Stabilized ash burl on a tapered tang Looking forward to your opinions as usual . Regards Marcus
  2. Wanted to add tapered tangs to the bag of my tricks. So I grabbed one of my kitchen knife blanks and went to work. The tang now tappers from 4 mm to 2 mm at the end. You can clearly see it but for the future I think I'll go with a stronger taper, just makes it look more striking. The maple scales have a lot of chatoyance going on, but they're a pain in the ass to work with. All the steel dust sticks in the pores immediately if you don't pay enough attention. I definitely prefer Ebony in this regard . Overall lenght: 28 cm Blade: 17 cm, 4 mm 1.2842 (0-2) Handle: Birdseye Maple with r
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. @ Scott: Similar situation here, except I didn't have enough stainless left to make a three layer package. So I figured I'll just do the 2-layers then . Regards Marcus
  4. Wanted to do a chisel and zero grind for a qhile now, so i slapped together some stainless (V2A) and carbon steel (1.2842 = 0-2). Despite the fact that it warps and bends constantly during grinding, everything worked out just fine. Ground it almost to zero and then finished it on japanese waterstones. Took a while but the edge is scary sharp. I can easily shave armhair with any of my knives but this is the first knife I made I could actually shave my face with (with almost no blood loss too ). Though I'm thinking of putting on a secondary bevel as it's intended for everyday use.
  5. Same goes here. I'm really glad you guys like the knife. Take care MArcus
  6. Again, thank you so much guys. Positive feedback makes the whole knifemaking thing even more worthwhile . Regards Marcus
  7. Thanks for your positive comments guys. Here's a shot from the other side of the blade, in case anyone was wondering . Regards Marcus
  8. Thanks guys. I'm happy you like it. For the handle I use a Deckel GK21 pantograph. Once you figured out the kinks and how to make good templates to work with, it's a blast. Has to be the most fun machine in my entire workshop (closely followed by my power hammer ). If I don't forget I'll do a little WIP when I'll do the next composite handle. Regards Marcus
  9. Since I was a little more productive recently, here's another one from me. Overall length: 26 cm Blade: 13 cm, 4 mm 1.2842 + C45 (0-2+1045) Damascus with 1.2842 core Handle: Black linen micarta with stabillized chechen burl inlay Looking forward to your comments as usual. Regards Marcus
  10. Here's another one I finished last week. Really like this design, I'm sure I'm gonna do it again. Maybe with some Damascus or stainless laminate . Overall length: 19 cm Blade: 9 cm, 1.2842 (0-2) Handle: natural linen micarta and green canvas micarta Looking forward to your comments. Regards Marcus
  11. Nice stuff, love the herb cutter in the second pic. Regards Marcus
  12. This was the first one I made after I came back from a half year internship in Beijing. Hopefully there is plenty more forged stuff to come . Length: 14,6 cm Bade: 7,6 cm (0-2 + 1.4006, so it's not entirely stainless ) Handle: black linen micarta and stabilized koa inlay I hope you like it. Regards Marcus
  13. It's just that dense. All I did was finish it to a 1000 grit and then give it a quick buff.
  14. When I finished the handle, for whatever reason, I had to think of the VW New Beetle Black-Orange Edition. Not that I'm particularly fond of the car, but the name just fits . Overall lenght: 14,6 cm Blade: 7,6 cm, 4 mm 1.2842 (O-2) Handle: Black G10 with an orange G10 inlay I might try my hand on a kydex sheath for this one, since it probably suits the handle materials a lot better than the leather sheath. Regards Marcus
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