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  1. Hey! I forgot to log in for a few years, but I thought y'all might get a kick out of a tech/news site doing a sword-related bit - check it out:
  2. https://www.beervanablog.com/beervana/2017/4/9/which-came-first-bread-or-beer not only better forging, but apparently everything else as well :-D
  3. We used graphite crucibles, the cheap ones ;-) The pattern came out alright, this is the best image I got so far - uneven lighting! Then I managed to snap the blade while trying to take out a slight warp on the first tempering heat - D'oh! Now I have a nice Viking box cutter ...or koftgari knife.
  4. Beautiful, Petr! The last ingot of the weekend was this Which I forged into this Any of those other ingots get forged yet?
  5. There's a book called "Das Werkzeug des Zimmermanns" (ISBN 3-88746-070-7) which has lots of images of axes from the 15th-20th centuries, no typology as such but good examples.
  6. Many thanks to the attendees, the crew, and especially the demonstrators for making this such a wonderful event! We got such an intense look at so many aspects of historically informed smithing, the inspiration should easily last until the next one ;-)
  7. Friday AM (8:30-1:30) Owen Bush Presentation: A Personal and Practical Look at Forging the Broken Back Seax (2 hrs.) Petr Florianek Presentation: Using Germanic Styles in Original Art (2 hrs.) Lunch Break (1:30-3:00) Friday PM (3:00-5:30) Jake Powning Presentation: Finding The Way Back — looking for the world the axe and sax came from (2 hrs.) Dinner Break ( 5:30-7:30) Jake Powning & Petr Florianek Presentation: Decoding Germanic Onamentation (2 hrs.) Saturday AM: Petr Florianek Demo: Carving an Antler Sax Handle (2 hrs.) Jeff Pringle Presentation: Construction Clues from Artifacts (2 hrs.) Lunch Break Jim Austin Demo: The Asymmetrically Welded Axe Eye (2 hrs.) Dinner Break Open forge Sunday AM Jake Powning Demo: Leather Working on a Sax Sheath (2 hrs.) Owen Bush Demo: A Personal and Practical Look at Forging the Broken Back Seax (2 hrs.)
  8. You guys staying at the Hilton on the embarcadero are lucky, there's a cool German restaurant next door. Caleb- We're working our way through the wait list, and will let you know...
  9. From Jim, who is in the hinterlands momentarily: The OASI draws near! I'm starting to prepare the shop for our mini-horde - It's going to take some moving to get enough floor space for the attendees and there will be a lot of details to take care of. We've been working on a couple of T-shirt designs to offer to you all. The OASI T-shirt design comes courtesy of Petr Florianek and will be printed on a black cotton T. The Team Dane Axe shirt will be printed on a charcoal grey T. We're asking $20 each for these shirts - all proceeds to benefit the event and the traveling demonstrators. A good response on your part will benefit the event greatly and we need to get the orders early (by October 11th) to have them ready for you on your arrival. To place orders for shirts please Paypal the money to Jeff Pringle (as for the original event fee, jlp3 (at) earthlink (dot) net) and state which design/s (OASI and /or Team Dane Axe) and size/s you need. Please also state M or W - if you don't we will assume a Men's T-shirt.
  10. The author most secondary & tertiary sources are referring to is al-Kindi, he is the most coherent and least derivative of the Arab writers on this subject. There was a recent translation of al-Kindi's "On swords and their kinds" by Hoyland and Gilmour, "Medieval Islamic Swords and Swordmaking" 2006 ISBN 0906094526 Written in the mid 800s AD, he compared the various swords of that time (including Frankish) and judged their quality in part by the patterns they showed.
  11. We'll be kicking off around 3-4 on Thursday, though there are no demos scheduled then, so if you arrive later you'll just be missing some socializing ;-) The official end will be at 1PM Sunday. We'll post a list of demonstrations and schedule soonish :-D
  12. Epic! really well done, Owen!
  13. Inlay was used to decorate hilts up until about the type S style, when overlay became the main technique.
  14. It just looks bad, I have not seen an artifact with inlay like that, or a blade corroded like that, for starters. Plus, that vendor specializes in dubious looking stuff.
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