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  1. I just got back from spending a few days over on the California North Coast. Great time! We started with a tour of a couple of the Napa valley vineyards. The hight of the tour was at the Castillo di Amarosa. This is reputed to be a more or less authentic reproduction of old Italian architecture. Great pains were taken to keep everything authentic. Of course there are some modern additions here and there but they did a great job. The ironwork was done on site by a blacksmith over and open fire, so we were told. I felt like a kid in a candy shop as we toured through the grounds and the catacombs below. Here is a couple of pics.
  2. So what is the relationship of Hexavalent Chromium and stainless steels. I didn't think the chromium used in the stainless steel was Hexavalent so is there a chemical reaction that occurs during welding? Kyle J.
  3. From someone who works in the Electronic manufacturing world, I can tell you that a few years ago the industry instituted the ROHS standards for all electronics going into the European Union. The standards are about six chemicals or elements that can no longer be used in the manufacture of electronics. I don't remember them all but lead and Hexavalent Chromium are on the list. With Lead being the the one that is allowed for Corporate Server applications (the expensive computers) until they can be sure they can live without it. Now this was all a very controversial move and I'm not prepared to say just how bad any of these materials really are but that's what I know for sure.
  4. I've always considered throwing stars, darts and most throwing knives as little more than a distraction. Unless you are VERY good with them, you aren't going to stop a hostile without a good follow up. Kyle J.
  5. Having done a few cane tops, shaped/formed knife handles and other carving I can tell you that for even very hard woods you can do a lot of shaping just by cutting a rough outline and then hand sanding in the detail. You might be surprised how quickly you make major changes with sand paper - or not. A simple block of wood can look quite good in a hurry with some chisels and sandpaper. I made my own carving tools too since they are pretty simple in design. Kyle J.
  6. Very Cool! I love this kind of stuff. One of the things about knife making is that you aren't limited to knife making. Cool tools and imagination and anything can happen. Kyle J.
  7. :-) I was there to show, guide and demonstrate throughout but I made him do all the work. He's been working on it for months now (off and on)and just finished. I'd say the forging took a few hours but then there's the clean up, and heat treat and sanding...
  8. My son just completed his first forged knife. This one started life as a railroad spike. Sorry Don, I forgot to resize the images and now I can figure out how to delete or replace them... They aren't huge data size but over the posted limit. Kyle J.
  9. Love the grain on the handle of the EDC. What is the wood?
  10. Now THAT is COOL! Ever read Frank Herbert's Dune? You've made a Crysknife. Very cool!
  11. Honestly can't say that I'm impressed with the blade much but I love you ironwork! That pommel and guard are pretty incredible. Put that work on a more practical blade form and you'd have a real winner :-) Just my worthless opinion. Kyle J.
  12. Hey Arthur, I notice you don't have the stainless models priced on your web site. What are you going to be charging for those? Kyle Johnson greyangel1@comcast.net
  13. :-) Just think about this now... It might be Argentium Silver TM now but after the fall of civilization it will be the magic sword created with the high arts of the "Old Ones" - And those Phone trees are bound to bring on that fall of civilization. But seriously, anything that survives the test of time has added value in the long run. broken stainless steel swords will NOT survive the test of time but stainless fittings likely will. Kyle J.
  14. From one Kyle to another... Those HC spikes are only supposed to have .35 carbon. I've not actually tried to break one after quenching but I have gotted a pretty good hardness from them. They polish real nice too. Due to the low carbon content you won't get good wear resistance from them so you can't expect them to hold an edge well - but that doesn't mean you can't get them sharp :-) Kyle J.
  15. At this point in my life I've gotten really sick of folks asking me for money for one thing or another. When I got a solicitation to support the Bladesmith forum the first and only question on my mind was "is this for real?" Don, I do and always will appreciate what you provide for us here. I've been reading this forum for three or so years now and it's one thing I can guarantee I will read a couple of times a week at least without fail. I humbly offer my financial support as needed (and within my budget). What you have here is fantastic and you deserve all our thanks and support.
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