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  1. Thank you very much guys. Coming from the quality of maker's here on this site, it's especially meaningful. Yes Geoff, Brion Tomberlin, Billy Bob Sowell, Rodrigo Sfreddo, and Jimmy Chin also got their MS stamps. There was a group of about 9 guys got their JS. Among them, were Mike Quesenberry, Kyle Royer, and Butch.........I'm sorry I cant recal Butch's last name, but he made some beautiful knives and was such a nice gentleman. There were several others, but they dont come to mind yet. As is usually the case, some tested and did not pass, but most did. Here is a
  2. Thanks Arthur. No folders lately. I sure would like to though. Chuck, It's been a long time. How are you? Your right, I learned more while working on these knives than on any other. Thanks, Lin
  3. Your scaring me Beau. John, The guard has a slot and it's just stacked in place with the other handle parts held on by the little pommel ball. The tang is threaded and the ball screws onto it. JD, I've admired your work and only hope that I can get close to it. Thanks for the encouragement. Lin
  4. These are the knives I submitted before the judges in Atlanta. I recieved my Mastersmith rating and boy am I glad to get past that. They treated me well, but It sure is a load off. I know some of you guys were at Blade, but here they are for those who may not have seen. Thanks, Lin
  5. Thanks Gary. I really look forward to this event. I think it will have it all. Your doing a great job getting things off the ground there. Lin
  6. It seems things are getting tight all over. At least with one of your knives, one could be eatin bacon every day. Love that design. OK, why two edges? Lin
  7. Now that's a hog knife! Hello Larry. I hope all is well in your part of the world. Lin
  8. Alan, There are several knives in the book that could be interpreted as "cowboy" Bowies, but are not posted as such. I too am looking for such a reference as you with specific mentions of cowboys, old west, photos, etc. Please holler at me if you find one. Lin Rhea email
  9. Is it OK if I chime in here? It's been a while since I was here The knife that I stuck my hog with was 11 inches, as mentioned before. I would probably prefer a 9 or 10 inch one now with some of the features that you guys have mentioned already. I would like a sharp tip with a sharp clip centered on the ricasso/handle so that the force of the thrust is directly behind the tip. A double guard and either a subhilt or a flared butt in the handle or both. Like Ray, I also like a lanyard hole with para cord in it. I think the sheath and the way it's carried is going to be a real fac
  10. Craig, It's oily but you wont find a better 25 lb LG. I miss it, but I know it's in good hands. I look forward to seeing it in operation in your shop. Thanks for being patient. Everyone in this part of the US knows the rain we have had this Spring. Thanks again, Lin
  11. Geoff and Raymond, I'll miss you guys at Blade. Bryan, I'm still here in Arkansas fightin the mosquiters. They should be bad this year, but I just got me a Theracell. We'll see how it works. I'm still hammering away and trying to get ready for this year. Thanks, Lin
  12. Don and Craig, Yes, it's the same hammer in the magazine picture. I also have a shot of the dies and frame on my home page. This hammer is as good as you'll find for a 25 lb. Very solid. If it goes to Hawaii, it'll be well traveled. It started in Iowa, went to Nashville, Tenn, and now is in Arkansas. Lin
  13. Geoff , Your just sayin that! But, thanks. You going to Blade this Summer? Let me know what your table number is and I'd like to visit. I'm wantin to see your latest work. Lin
  14. Thanks Greg. I hope all is well with you, my friend. I had an exchange of emails with Don lately and decided to see what's going on here. It's good to see the forum is still going good and strong. It's a real wealth of information and encouragement. Lin Rhea
  15. This is a knife I took to the Arkansas Custom Knife Show for customer pick up. The blade is 12 inches with an OAL of 18 inches. The blade is 5160, the fittings are mild steel, Brass, and Stainless. The wood is Black Walnut with a gunstock finish. Photo by Chuck Ward Thanks, Lin Rhea
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