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  1. Very nice finishes on those blades. Thanks for sharing the tool as well
  2. Very nice tutorial and really makes me want to forge one out myself. Nice work on the forge welds.
  3. Nice knife. I love using elk antler myself as well.
  4. Very nice axe. Love the different contrasting damascus patterns
  5. Very nice bowie with sharp lines.
  6. Sometimes the blade just refuses your ideas and chooses a different path. In my work, the instances where I've changed my preconceived thoughts and followed the path the blade preferred, the end result always ended up being a level above everything else. Nice knife and keep up the good work.
  7. Here is the sheath with a bit of leather carving.
  8. Thanks guys. The blade was forged out of 1084 steel and them cleaned up with the grinder, files and hand sanded. Doing a lot of the work at the forge for the bevels was a bit difficult but a great learning experience. The bevels on this are all flat ground. Hopefully I can finish the sheath tomorrow and post that as well.
  9. I just finished this knife which is a mix between a straight field knife and a dagger - so I decided to call it a recon dagger. This is my first design with a double edge and it was quite a challenge to maintain precise symmetry on both sides. The handle is bocote with a nickel silver guard and pin. The spacer is buffalo horn. The back edge is shorter than the front so that I can still rest my thumb there when doing detailed cutting. I'm thinking about doing more of this type of work and later perhaps swords as well. Please let me know your thoughts Thanks for looking.
  10. The blade for this skinning knife was forged from 1084 high carbon steel and tempered to 60RC. The handle is elk antler with a nickel silver guard and pin. The spacers are black and white. It comes with a hand stitched leather sheath that is fitted to the knife. The front of the sheath has a tooled basket weave pattern. A good field knife for the upcoming hunting season. Price including the sheath is $200
  11. Nice overall package there. Love the wood
  12. Nice work Serge. Hope it goes well for you
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