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  1. Beautiful Blade Uli! What are the dimensions on that blade? ~jake
  2. Neat stuff Tai, your bush stuff is very unique, always fun to see.
  3. Ya this forum really seems be a group of really talented people w/ good souls. Everyone seems more then willing to help someone who wants to learn here. They best part is you can tell they really enjoy what they are doing and have alot of fun... which is the key to anything. ~jake
  4. Some of what Brian said really seemd to ring true in regards to getting a good piece of know steel to start out with. To "learn my bearings" so to speak. It looks like I can get a 22' bar of 5160 from admiral steel for ~100 bucks which includes shipping. So a question to you guys would be what is a good size to buy. I dont have any power hammer so this will be blood sweat and swearing.. I mean tears i was thinking of getting 1/4" X 1 1/4". I plan on keeping my projects small say 6 inch blades so I dont get frustrated untill my skill increases. Also I would guess a piece of steel that big would allow me to make alot of smaller knives of that size and allow me to try a ton of different experiments. Also very imporant question.... you guys have any advice on how to convince my wife that she should let me heat treat in the oven...... Thanks again, ~jake
  5. Sounds like all of these have the pluses. The fun is in learning how to bring out the beauty in each one. Ill prolly start out w/ the 5160 because i guessing it will be the easiest to get locally here in rural Vermont. Then mabey into some 10xx steels. Did some more googling today and it looks like I can learn a ton of skills w/ 5160. Etching, oil quenching, etc. My biggest thinking is that its a good steal to experiment on without feeling guilty about apposed to more costly types of steel. ~jake
  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. Sounds like 5160 is the way to go. It will provide me w/ access to a ready stock to learn on..... just in case it takes me a few tries to get it right Thanks again! ~jake
  7. Hi all, I just wanted to say thanks to begin with, I have been spent the last week or so going through the wealth of information that can be found on these forums. Sure makes it alot easier, for us newcommers, to get a realistic idea of what is really need and what it really takes by learning from your experience shared here. I have talked my brother into helping me build a forge over christmas (based on Don's design of coures, thanks Don!). I a bit confused over the vast choices in steel out there. What would you guys recommend for choice in steel for a beginner. Im looking for a steel to make hunting/camp knives out of, somthing that will be tough but still hold a good edge. Also if you have a suggestion on the steel, any help w/ forging temps, heat treating temps, and quenching suggestions for that steel are also great. Thanks again to all you guys for taking the time and effort to share here. ~jake
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