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  1. My beard hasn't burned for years, but after randomly meeting up with Paul Binns and playing with his forge I find it is smoldering away a little and threatening to burn a little now.
  2. On saturday I managed what would seem to be my first good weld. It;s a san-mai billet for a KITH over on British Blades. I've tried many times before and failed, but this time it just seemed to happen, even though I was up to me knees in Borax by the end of it. Ready for the fire After welding After cleaning up the edges to look for flaws (none found yet) So now I have to get some decent high contrast steel and see what I can do. Like I needed another obsession...
  3. What Owen said. And whilst I'm here any chance I can become Martin Austwick? Thanks Oz
  4. I love the san-mai bowie. Beautiful work.
  5. I love that, but then I love everything I have seen made by you. Timeless, elegant and practical. Thanks for posting it.
  6. I'll look forward to seeing the site. Oz
  7. What sort of price would the Messer be? I suspect some in the HEMA community would be interested.
  8. Owen makes the nicest blades I have ever seen, and that is the best one of his I have ever seen pics of. Well done guys, that is the new gold standard.
  9. has just found a friendly smith with a big power-hammer and space to set up all his old kit!

  10. Antler would be great. I think the pattern of the san-mai would match it perfectly.
  11. The blade on the second one is fantastic! I love it...
  12. That's really nice. Sometimes I see a knife that just begs to be picked up, that is one. Looking at the quality of workmanship I'd say you'd be just fine making a Bowie, maybe your dad just doesn't want to make that much steel! Keep 'em coming. Oz
  13. The CruforgeV is a hypereutectoid steel iirc so you can afford to lose a bit of carbon without losing hardenability. If the edge feels hard I'd guess it's fine. Though if you don't want it you can send it to me...
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