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  1. Well, I'm planning on trying dry welding tonight. I bought some steel tubing and am going to seal it up and weld shut the ends. My question is now what kind of color will I be looking for? Do I need it to get white/yellow? Or can it be welded colder? Thanks again
  2. Hello, well you might have hit on two problems, my pieces are directly in the flames from the burners. As far as oxidising, I'm not sure. I do have yellow flames coming out the two ends, maybe 6" or so? I'm going to try to do some dry welds this weekend, I didn't know they were so much different. Thanks
  3. Hello, I have been working at making welds recently and have not had any luck. I have welded cable in my forge, but not been able to make any other weld. My forge has two modified side arm burners, kaowool and plistix. I had it cranked up to 20 psi tonight and still would not get hot enough to make the weld. Does anyone have any ideas? I have all the stuff to make a forced air burner like the one on the tutorials, would this be an idea? I can't bring myself to spend 400 bucks to buy one. Thanks in advance for all help
  4. Hello, I had initially set out to build one of the Dusty style power hammers and ordered the springs earlier this year. I have decided on a different style and was wondering if anyone was interested in buying these springs. They are made from 5160 .237 thick by 2.5" wide. There are three leafs, 2 36" pieces and one 40" piece. If interested please let me know. Thanks
  5. I built a charcoal forge based on Lively's design and I'd say for forging it is just about right. I don't think it would work for welding??? But, if you could use some black pipe and make it a side blast I think you could weld just fine. I have used two different air sources, a $5 walmart hair dryer and an air vent blower, one like in the bathroom ceiling. Both worked well for general use. I think the side blast with the hair dryer would probably be able to weld. I recall seeing some dimensions once that someone had but can't remember where? I think the area right in front of the side b
  6. Don't know if this will help any but they have been cryo treating rifle barrels for a while. On one of the cryogenic rifle treatment sites they claim it relieves internal stress, helps for easy cleaning, and extends barrel life. I know that this is different but maybe it might help in the understanding? Or it might just make it clear as mud! Matt
  7. That would be great if you can find out where he got the cable from. I live in Edmond now, but my wifes family lives out South of El Reno.
  8. Does anyone know of a source for wire rope that is not too expensive? I've been looking around but the only junk yard around here didn't seem to have any? Any other ideas? Thanks
  9. Try halperntitanium.com. Look on specials page. Good luck.
  10. I'm new to forging, I have been grinding knives for about a year, off and on when I have time. I've built a forge off patterned after the one that Tim Lively uses. And I recently got some BIG scrap pieces from work that I welded two together to make an anvil, it weighs in the neighborhood of 160+ pounds, and it's not done. Gonna weld up a stand for it soon. Heres my questions. First, The knife I'm working on I cut the point. I was wondering how you guys form a point by forging, without hot cutting?? Second, I've left the edge pretty thick, I was wondering how much allowance for dec
  11. Well did some catalog searching. Sheffield supply sells them. List's them as 1035 railroad spikes. Anxiously awaiting next installment.
  12. Very cool. Gonna have to follow this one. Any idea of anywhere commercial to get spikes??? :banghead:
  13. I'm definately going to make a box bellows, eventually. As of right now, I can't. It would cost me more to buy the tools and materials, than the blower from surplus center costs. Plus being in college, I'd have to move it in less than a year. I'm considering building one with a bottom tyere and a side draft. That way I could run the side draft with the 135 and the bottom tyere with the 50 cfm. At least that's what I'm thinking now. Thanks for the help, Matt
  14. I built a charcoal forge off of Lively's design a while back when I first started tinkering with a hammer. I've since built a propane forge but want to go back to a charcoal forge again. I used a cheap Wal-Mart hair dryer for the charcoal and a 50 cfm blower for the propane. I'm going to build a bigger charcoal forge designed off of the old Jap side bellows forges. What I'm thinking is a cross between a Japanese side draft forge and the Lively adobe forge(on dfoggknives elsewhere). Here's my question, finally, how much air is it going to take to get this to reach a welding/melting temp in
  15. Benz spring. He sells a 10 foot, or abouts, section for pretty cheap. Do a google search, or if you can't find him holler and I'll look up his number. He's out west somewhere, not sure exactly where. But I believe Oregon or Washington??? Good luck
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