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  1. I haven't forged in a few years, but I had 4 blades that I had forged, and heat treated that have been sitting around for a while. I decided to finally finish one up. small hunter forged from truck coil spring. mostly hand finished, though I did use the sander to fit the ironwood handle scales. nothing fancy but it sure took the hair off my arm, even after whittling on a big chunk of 10 year old hickory for 15 minutes. now I really need to get the forge fired up . I relined it over the winter but have to reattach the burner. you can see it here before heat treatment on
  2. I have not fired it up in a long time, but I'm just getting back into it now... my forge is made from a cheap stockpot with 2" kaowool and satanite....oh and since this pic was taken, I had gotten sick of the ducktape holding the blower fan on and replaced it witha proper blower.... you can see my old soft firebrick forge on top. here it is fired up
  3. sam...are you sure theyre L6? no problems with mystery steel...but since this is marked (still in wrapper) O1 was hoping to get some known steel for it.....will let you know...ok
  4. recently got a little lucky and found stash of precision ground O1 most of it still in wrappers. wanting to try my hand at a little patternwelding and some suggested 15n20 or L6 would look good welded up with it....does anyone have any L6 or 15n20 they would like to swap for some O1 ? heres a couple pics of the O1 I got... haul # 1: haul # 2:
  5. thanks for the help guys. guy wanted way too much for it, and it wouldda required too much work to convert to forging... looks like I'll have to go for the treadle hammer build....(the hydraulic build kinda scares me...)
  6. I've built a few too... heres the brick forge like doug was talking about.... and a stainless steel stock pot forge lined with 2" kaowool and satanite, with a forced air burner....of 1/2" black steel pipe:
  7. awesome guys...thanks for the info. the seller was supposed to get back to me today on cycle rate....I'm kinda hinging on that ATM... one of the guys on primal fires mentioned that if the guided platens were removed you'd probably have to build some kind of support for the ram... we'll see...I still don't know what he thinks is a reasonable offer anyway.... thanks again for checkin it out.
  8. when I'm thinking lowtech...I heat up a couple RR spikes and stir them around in the quenchant to heat it up...you'd be surprised how quick it would heat... bu, being porcelin, I'd be afraid of breakage as well...
  9. found this local on craigs list....not sure if it would be worth the effort/space since its only 12 ton and most seem to be recommending 20 ton min... 12 ton hydraulic press looks like the guy could part with it cheap, and he's going to get back to me on the cycle rate.... would probably have to take the guided platen off and make up some dies.... what do you guys think?
  10. thats pretty neat. lately I've been using a piece of polished marble floor tile, regular paper backed sandpaper, and a can of super 77. spray the back of the paper, stick it to the marble and sand away. you can also scrap down the adhesive build up with a razor-scraper before the next grit size....(ps...excellent way to sharped too.)
  11. I just happened to be surfing around the other day and landed on the http://www.newenglandschoolofmetalwork.com/ site. saw that don is doing a forgewelding workshop in October but the class was full! errrr!...day late and a dollar short... anyway...shot and email off to the school to see if I could get on a wait-list and got a reply yesterday that said sure, but I'm the second name on the list.....maybe I'll go an look thru the windows
  12. also..how would you like to have to be wearing a neck tie while doing all that? truly amazing.
  13. no problem...I thought it was a great tut. too.
  14. the was just posted on primal fires the other day.... Forginhills integral tutorial
  15. I've been pondering this one for a while and finally got an afternoon to myself (wife an daughter went out for the evening)....so I set to work... junk yard grinder will hopefully be back at it to finish it up soon...
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