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  1. its good... i love salts... even though i suffered a nasty burn last year due to not being careful with it.... there is so much you can do with low temp salts... low temp salts are even very handy to help take the shock out of the quench when doing the more traditional hardened / tempered blades...
  2. thanks all for your comments... I hear you Steven... about the swords and the gamelan music ... in fact I am off to malaysia very soon to indulge myself in those 2 very things, as well as some silat and possibly some archery... and speaking of swords... i have made another 3 blades of the siamese dhaab/ malay pedang variety... pics to come...
  3. hi Erik... basically i preheated at 400 degrees c to drive off moisture (important when using high temp salts) .... then into a salt bath at 550 C to bring the temperature slowly up towards austenitic range... then into yet another bath at 790 degrees C - this is the low end of the austenitic range for this particular steel i was using ... and held it there for around 10 minutes.I then put it back into the first bath at 550 C ... and i call this 1 normalising cycle ... so i gave it 3 cycles like this then finally held at 790 C for around 20 mins... then quenched into a low temp salt bat
  4. This was a very low layer count blade...about 13 layers of O1 and En45 ... I carbo - nitrided the blade and quenched into 50 degrees C oil .... double tempered afterwards   making the scabbard
  5. Austempered Bowie from O1 steel Here's the completed piece   Here are some in progress shots.     Normalising in high temp salt bath Here is my low temp salt bath which I use to austemper / marquench blades   Austempered O1 Making fittings Filing to fit Nitrocarburised guard Woodworking  
  6. Hi. Been off the scene for a while...sorry for the late reply :)

  7. Hi ya Monty.

    Where have you been mate?

  8. My condolences to his family...I will say a prayer for him
  9. damn that's a fine blade! Hamon on both sides looks great.... keep it up!
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