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  1. TAI--You done it again...I can not imagine the care and concentration, good files and finish on the bolster and guard. Great lines to be admired by any one who has attempted carry the lines through a fullered type guard and bolster. Congrats-- Great complete piece. Chuck
  2. KBA-- Yeah it was JEFF DAVIDSON and his Mother. Abouit 6'3" and just as nice as he could be. Where we live in the TX Panhandle is closer to Cheyenne Wo. than we are to Austin Tx. We are 365 south and a little East of Denver. it is 550 miles to Austin. We are 450 miles north of the center of Tx. The legislatures do not even know we are up here. They think DALHART is at the North Pole. I like it though, we don't have to listen to too many blustering politcos.GRIN Chuck.
  3. Hello TIM-- On the soldering--I just use a bottle of propane with an attached torch. The silver solder I like the best is Sta-Bright or some such name. It is a low temp going on the first time and takes more heat to get it off. Keeping your flux to a golden color. Heat it gradually and you won't over heat the flux. On the brass welding rod chisel---I simply put the six inche piece up against the planten on the sander and flat grind an oval on the end of it. You may want to shape it to suit yourself. You don't have to worry about sratching the blade, it is harder than the
  4. I have been trying to get some stuff out the door. Finished a bigger, thin kitchen knife for a school principal. It was harder than you would think not much thicker than 1/16". Its first life was as a meat cutting reciprocating saw blade. The second knife was 52100. It came out pretty well. Had Burled Box Elder with brass fittings. The third knife is from ATS34. skinning knife, with Collector quality Ironwood handles. The hard part of the week was spent on a pair of tricky spurs. That was a botched job. They will be thrown under the bench and a new pair started today.
  5. KBAKNIFE--Looks like you were paying attention to the old cowboy.GRIN. Congrats on a nice piece.--- Where are you located..??I met a nice young man from the Mesquite area. him and his Mom brought me some quenching oil from Ed. Chuck
  6. Hello Matt; You can pull the bulk down on AST34 pretty quick on sanders or grinders, just keep in mind that when you blue it(heat from grinding), it will become as hard as woodpecker lips. If you are short on equiptment. You could turn a small hand held sander upside down in a vise. Just lock it on and go at it. I have made some nice knives in this manner. Cooling in water before it gets to hot to hold in your bare hands. Chuck
  7. Hello; My curosity is killing me. How did Mr Jordan get the shark teeth in the blade?? Did he cut them in before the last weld?? I can't see that being successful. Did he depress the the wrought iron down into the other metal with a punch?? Then file or grind till the pattern smoothed out. ?? I would like to know how he was able to keep the teeth so pronounced.GRIN Chuck
  8. HELLO DAN; Nice job on the press, very professional. Real clean and neat work. The whole shop looks great. I started to comment on the ram and slides the first day you posted. I knew every one else was going to have a go at them. If I was the one sticking my wife and kids major breadwinner in the line of fire. I would extend the rail slides and the guides. Add six or so inches to the slides and do as Daniel says on the guides. The added stability will keep it from wearing out too soon and be a lot safer to operate. I have seen a 1 1/4" o.d. push punch go 100 feet after leavi
  9. Iwrhea-- This a very well designed knife. It all flows together. The type file work is some of the most tedious, have to really concentrate on keeping it all togehter. You pulled it off very well. Congrats on a nice piece of work. Chuck
  10. NICK--Great knife. You might want to save it for the MS. Keep it up they are gettting better and better. Chuck
  11. GREG. Thanks--I will print this, if it is alright with you. Just for my own use. Thanks again. Chuck
  12. WICKED-EVIL looking piece.. You named it right. Most unusal --making the guard and cap look like fangs from a young and old wolf. Tremendous talent.. Quite an imagination. Excelent execution.. Chuck
  13. RAYMOND-- Now, if that is not a dinger. I have always worried about doing the same thing. My shop is so cluttered and gomed. I have no idea what you could auction one of my knifes for. When you decide what kind and when you are going to have a fund raiser. Let us know. I will send a nice knife to auction off. If not, we can sell it here on Don's Site. We all want to assit you in some way. I can not come for work, my shop is too far to be of help. Unless you want to stay in our spare bedroom, while you prepare for the shows. I do have a complete(no press) knife shop.
  14. BEAUTIFUL: A place like that would cut my production to nothing. I would either be fishing, hunting or just kicked back with a cool one, admiring the scenery. Cool place, the wagon road must have been behind the wire fence? Where at in WIS.?? Chuck
  15. Hello KEVIN, What a coincidence. I have a 440C chef blade ready for heat treat. My first, ever. My man wanted Damascus, I talked him into the stainless. Tomatos, potatos and all kinds of acid in the kitchen. His is hollow ground. This was a new experience for me, because of the size of the blade. This is one big hollow ground blade.GRIN I wish I had a bigger wheel than the eight incher.GRIN. Chuck
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