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  1. Nice one Archie. I must admit I was in near complete ignorance of the subject, now you have sparked an interest to find out more about it. Keep up the good work (in all the fields)
  2. I think you would have problems if shipping to other countries as some do have very strong regulations about it, plus as a personal stance I find it immoral to be trading on any ivory.
  3. I would personally go for carved but then I'm biased. As for inlay (at least flushed wire inlay) it's no big deal, hairline graver or chisel, a punch with a flat profile to prop inside the line made by the hairline chisel and then slowly and progressively widen the inside of the line on both sides at a 45 degrees angle (ends up looking like a wound which has been stitched), then with a similar punch albeit bigger in size you hammer the wire in and everything literally fits in, scrape the surface and then polish. I think Ford Hallam is putting a manual together and when his site is up
  4. I had the same thought for a moment when I saw the title
  5. Thanks Dan. No worries as I said if it is too much pain I'm happy with going with the flow.
  6. Hello Don, I got an e-mail notification of my name change but doesn't seem to be working. I thought you would want to know. As I said it's no big deal as I'm sure that at first this place will be producing a lot of demands that can grow out of control, so if it doesn't work I can always open a new account, no big deal.
  7. Wow Mac. I really like the first and the last. Don't better photos make all the difference?
  8. Did you manage to watch it in the end matey? You cannot go on another day without watching it, you know you wanna
  9. Not a matter that needs a hasty reply after such absence and toil but with the return of the forum my name got screwed up. Hÿllyn it is instead of what it appears to be now. It's good to be back.
  10. You do Kris. In the U.S you have Viking Invasion and the folks from Jomsvikings attend it and they won't be fighting with latex props. The ones in the vid are Ulfhednar amongst others. And Jomsvikings Do not be fooled about what happens in the U.S you are more relaxed when it comes to using proper gear in re-enacment than in Britain, as far as I know not every group has license to use other than latex weapons here but in the continent it is a different story. Say that one was in Poland I believe (the vid) and in Sweden at foteviken and germany they happen all the time, also
  11. maybe VLC will let you open it? It is Tyr's song from Eric the Red Tyr vids You can download it and mess about to see what works, as I said VLC seems to play anything under the sun, so google it and try it is worth it
  12. I'll sign for the raid so long as we can have these folks on the boat too Check it out REGIN SMIÐUR
  13. Happened by mistake to me when finishing the lid of my vertical forge, was tapping a flap with a mallet and foolishly placed my hand on top near the lid without looking to keep the whole thing steady, next thing I now is that as the lid has a tiniest of gapsmy index is exactly there and the lid slipped to cover that gap with similar consequences. The skin just gets trapped and under the pressure it tears, it isn't exactly a cut but sheer rupture of the tissue. Looked swollen and bad but after disinfecting it and applying some warmth to it, it went down overnight, it formed something simil
  14. In english? for the sake of courtesy? Not that some can't read it or make out what it means but all the same. Good to see you around Mat, sine Uli introduced you I have been looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
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