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  1. Sam Alfano has a number of books and videos on engraving,flare cuts came out recently. https://masterengraver.tv/
  2. First knife about 25 years ago,band saw blade stock removal.Brass pierced scales with buffalo horn underlay.
  3. You could join the forum and ask,many helpful people with the Lindsay. https://www.engravingforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12
  4. Which airgraver do you have?
  5. I use a gluing jig like the one in this set of instructions. http://matuskalisky.blogspot.com/2016/06/project-4-birch-bark-handle-for-puukko.html
  6. What material needs to be engrave What material needs to be engraved? this site might help ... http://www.igraver.com/sharpening.shtml
  7. I never met Larry in person,but communicated with him on Pal talk newbies group Ray Rogers started.Larry was coerced into joining by Ron (Bowie) Claiborne .Didn't have a lot of newbies show up but a lot of good knife talk among the group.
  8. To dissolve drill bits, jewelry pickle/sodium bisulfate which is also in a number of swimming pool acids.
  9. Don't know what information you have about making mokume or if you have read the info on the forum,if not here it is...........
  10. Steve is the generous person,I just shared something he wanted to share to everyone.
  11. I mentioned in a post above that I really can't talk about techniques.I have Steve Midgett's book and I"ll give everyone a gift to share. https://www.mokume.com/mokume-gane-a-comprehensive-study/table-of-contents
  12. I have always worked non ferrous billets cold/anneal/repeat.It would depend on the size of the billet you would be producing and what final product you are working for. A little mokume info.... http://www.silversmithing.com/1mokume.htm I found Ferguson's book too technical,seem like he was trying to impress a board of review for a PHD degree. a couple simple pieces I made,sterling and 14K palladium gold,copper and sterling.
  13. A diamond? need better photo.
  14. https://www.cratex.com/Products/Rubber-Abrasives/Blocks-and-Sticks/Round-Sticks https://www.cratex.com/Products/Rubber-Abrasives/Jewelling
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