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  1. Have you looked at this tutorial? https://www.jimkelso.com/inlaytutorial/inlaytutorial1.htm
  2. I work mostly with non ferrous materials,you might think about pattern develop also.. https://www.mokume.com/mokume-gane-a-comprehensive-study/patterning-mokume-gane
  3. They didn't need a magnifying lens, young people with myopia were chosen and trained to do the work. A north facing window has worked for centuries to provide enough light for gemstone cutting,engraving,etc.
  4. A little info here..... https://www.jloose.com/damascusringfaq.html
  5. Some people find other things while looking for mushrooms..... 3,000 bronze sword. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/mushroom-hunter-finds-3300-year-old-bronze-age-sword
  6. Sam Alfano has a number of books and videos on engraving,flare cuts came out recently. https://masterengraver.tv/
  7. First knife about 25 years ago,band saw blade stock removal.Brass pierced scales with buffalo horn underlay.
  8. You could join the forum and ask,many helpful people with the Lindsay. https://www.engravingforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12
  9. I use a gluing jig like the one in this set of instructions. http://matuskalisky.blogspot.com/2016/06/project-4-birch-bark-handle-for-puukko.html
  10. What material needs to be engrave What material needs to be engraved? this site might help ... http://www.igraver.com/sharpening.shtml
  11. I never met Larry in person,but communicated with him on Pal talk newbies group Ray Rogers started.Larry was coerced into joining by Ron (Bowie) Claiborne .Didn't have a lot of newbies show up but a lot of good knife talk among the group.
  12. To dissolve drill bits, jewelry pickle/sodium bisulfate which is also in a number of swimming pool acids.
  13. Don't know what information you have about making mokume or if you have read the info on the forum,if not here it is...........
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