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  1. A regular hacksaw to rough cut and files to shape.a number 6 will work ,but the number of broken blades and time involved is not worth it. Recommended blade size link https://www.firemountaingems.com/resources/encyclobeadia/charts/771x
  2. DanM

    Lindsay Air graver.

    There has been an impact engraver which uses a flex shaft for power since 1979 http://www.ngraver.com/
  3. DanM

    Lindsay Air graver.

    Push engravers and hammer and chisel for under $200 to start with and see if you like the technique.No point in spending 2 thousand for something you might not enjoy.
  4. Have you checked http://www.engraverscafe.com/forumdisplay.php?1-Hand-Engraving-Forum Like Lindsey's forum it is full of info and advice and the members use all types that are good.
  5. DanM

    Stone cutting

    what type of stone?
  6. DanM

    Just curious. Cannister welding

    Did you check the ingredients of the "white out" ? A number of brands do not contain the titanium dioxide for it to be a release agent.
  7. DanM

    First try, need advice

    Try this ............ http://powning.com/jake/tutorial/carving-tutorial/
  8. DanM

    Brass/bronze mokume finishing

    They will turn the copper black at the same time.
  9. Someplace on you tube there are videos of making thin round wire for silver filigree mostly in the Mediterranean area. The annealed wire can be reduced in thickness by rolling between 2 flat stones/metal plates. History of draw plates... https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/BF03215438.pdf
  10. DanM

    Brass/bronze mokume finishing

    Polishing is the worse thing you can do to mokume, a satin finish is much better to see the contrast of materials ..... https://contenti.com/polishing-n-finishing/buffing-wheels/satin-finish-wheels/2-3-ply-satin-finish-wheels There is nothing I know to "seal" it,maybe a little olive oil after washing.
  11. DanM

    Brass/bronze mokume finishing

    A photo might help,but your metal combination should have been thought out first.
  12. DanM

    Trying to find a thread

    Not the thread you are looking for but ... http://www.williamhenry.com/materials/view/material/id/2/ maybe this one
  13. DanM

    Etching meteorite iron fittings

    The blade can be coated with finger nail polish,it depends on what acid you will use. What is the handle material?
  14. DanM

    How much does it stretch?

    What material are you using?