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  1. Do you have names for the "free lance" watchmakers who actually make all parts themselves?Even Rolex,etc. which you named above can be considered the cutlers of watchmaking.Vacheron Constantin has over 1,000 employees with a number of them craftsmen/artist who are not watchmakers,but the watches could not be made without them. http://metierdarts.vacheron-constantin.com/en2/artistic-craft#/home
  2. Blowing a lot of smoke.......... a Ney burnout oven is a number of steps above an Evenheat including price.Evenheat ovens are listed as jewelry/ceramic ovens,everything depends on the size you need and the amount of money to spend.Usually everything related to jewelry comes at a cost more than for ceramics/knives.etc. shop around. http://www.fdjtool.com/Category/717_1/Ovens.aspx
  3. Turning the skin green is body chemistry,some people do and others don't.For mokume rings,just add a sterling liner on the inside.
  4. Chinese power engravers are "junk",it would be throwing money away. Why do you need a power assist engraver? Have you tried hand push or hammer and chisel engraving? If you are serious about learning engraving,try this forum for expert help .... http://www.engraverscafe.com/forumdisplay.php?1-Hand-Engraving-Forum
  5. The niello can be poured into a number of things.... steel ingot mold,a piece of charcoal with holes/grooves,etc.
  6. Episode 2 is online now....................... http://www.history.com/shows/forged-in-fire/season-2/episode-2
  7. It may be D2 which is air hardened,lol.
  8. It's steel "rule" material which was sold in different metal types. link to one companies web page with the different steel for various types of cutters and dies. http://www.ameriken.com/products/steel-rule/steel-rule---cutting/
  9. Alan... have you ever tried jewelry pickle"swimming pool acid" ? I have removed many drill bits and small taps from gold and it may loosen your tap in steel.Soaking time varies.
  10. Very few actual boards are still around,in many cases just a piece of cloth on a table was used. See link for a few examples............. http://thomasguild.blogspot.com/2014/01/medieval-chess-boards.html
  11. Depending on the size for the board,you may want to look at the Wisconsin bass wood suppliers. It would probably work fine for kolrosing since the "cuts" are not deep.
  12. If you want brass harder,just work harden it with a hammer and not anneal afterwords.
  13. FTC regulations § 23.3 Misuse of the terms “hand-made,” “hand-polished,” etc. (a) It is unfair or deceptive to represent, directly or by implication, that any industry product is hand-made or hand-wrought unless the entire shaping and forming of such product from raw materials and its finishing and decoration were accomplished by hand labor and manually-controlled methods which permit the maker to control and vary the construction, shape, design, and finish of each part of each individual product. Note to paragraph (a): As used herein, “raw materials” include bulk sheet, strip, wire, an
  14. A simple inexpensive method to spin/vacuum casting is steam casting.You probably have most of the parts in your shop already.
  15. Is the gold liner actually inlaid or "press" fit?
  16. Did you measure the diameter of the drills and pin stock? Depending on where they were purchased and made ,you may not have the right/same size.
  17. There were no trees in the area until after the Ice receded 10,000 years ago.
  18. Wood varieties vary as well as color depending on type of wood.Not sure if you have read this article.............. http://www.irishuniqueart.com/about/history-of-bog-oak/
  19. Janel has many tips on the Carving Path forum.... here is one. http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1313-japanese-maple-leaf-netsuke/
  20. I believe the Gene Chapman book with directions is this one http://www.artisanideas.com/product/antlerII/Antler-and-Iron-II-by-Gene-Chapman-%28Booklet%29.html
  21. "Roman" trident on Ebay .............. http://www.ebay.com/itm/UNIQUE-ROMAN-GLADIATORS-WEAPON-TRIDENT-/111174732298
  22. Vegetable tanned...... available from Ragweed forge,Thompson's ,etc. Scandinavian knife blade etc. suppliers.
  23. Try Google,it's somewhat friendly with the right keywords................ https://www.archaeological.org/
  24. BBC programs are blocked if you have a U.S. ip#,may be able to find it on youtube or using a "proxy/vpn" server.
  25. It depends on what you are making. If making a knife and anneal after hammering it will be soft,if you are making a bowl or bracelet you want it hard after hammering.
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