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  1. Missed the original post on this too. Really nice work. A most elegant shape! If I ever get back to the forge, one of these is on my bucket-list.
  2. Great tanto. And that copper copper is fantastic!
  3. P.Abrera


    Coming out of the woodwork to give this a thumbs up. Fantastic knives!
  4. Nice work! People will be surprised at how useful this shape and size of a chopper can be. Lotta work can be done sonerhing like this...doesnt hurt that its purdy too.
  5. Jesus' blade is beautiful and the mounting is a real home run. Congratulations, fine, fine work. Nice work on the "whales beard" wrap. Very nicely achieved.
  6. Did a bit of reading on similar fittings. Many were indeed done from sheet, and hollow. then filled with some kind of pitch. When I did a sword with langets I brazed.
  7. Thats a lovely piece of samegawa ...the blade's is fine work too. But then again, we already know you do beautiful blades.
  8. This is very nice work. Great piece!
  9. Ah yes, naginata naoshi. Its wonderfully shaped. Looking forward to the pics later on.
  10. Beautiful sugata on the shobu being polished!
  11. Excellent pieces. I very much like your choice of tsuka shape (Rikko?) and simple koshirae. I love the brown wood saya and olive ito on the first katana you posted. Is that leather ito?
  12. Let me add my congratulatiions. This is excellent work, sir! Bravo.
  13. Beautiful sugata Excellent, all around. A piece to be truly proud of, Jesus.
  14. Been a while since I was at the forge but when I did fullers on a sword-length blade, I went back and forth. Sometimes id make a boo-boo drawing the edge, and I'd need to go back to my fuller tool to re-establish the fuller or add a touch of width here and there to the blade in areas I didn't leave enough material to draw. But it all ended with quite a bit of cleanup at the grinder either way.
  15. That hat and apron combo is badass...oh and nice ax too. So the ax head is wedged from the top of the haft?
  16. Sharp and pointy all over. Nice axe. Lotsa testosterone in that one!
  17. Missed this one. That's beautiful, Jim.
  18. Lovin' the progress. So impressed with the texturing and patination techniques you use. ...Hurry up already!
  19. Very nice work on your razor. ...and the katar is stunning too. Want to start a thread on that? Id love to hear about how uou tackled the construction method/forging steps. Especially the junction of the handle "arms" and the blade. Bravo!
  20. Same here, not a fan of american tanto points but this works for me. Nice texturing too. Passed thru lido/venezia last week for the filmfest, i should have looked you up :-)
  21. Love the outline/profile. One of my favorite shapes. ...so you decided on a touch of fumbari after all.
  22. Watching closely. Looks like it's gonna be a great piece ...Hurry up already!
  23. I love this type of work! Wonderful!
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