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  1. Almost certainly Chinese. I bought one just like it for a few bucks in a flea market in Taiwan 15 years ago.
  2. Beautiful! I try to do a few simple all steel knives made of my damascus "leftovers" for every show. They always sell. Yours are really nice.
  3. I would highly recommend the Swan forges ( i have two of them ) for everything but forge welding with flux. They are fuel efficient, pleasant to be around and easy to maintain at a constant temperature for an extended time period. For making damascus I would build a small, inexpensive, homemade forge and hide it when the inspectors come.
  4. My wife and I did the Gembloux show last year and had a great time. Well organized, good beer, and wonderful people. Go if you get the chance.
  5. Get a cheap electric soldering iron ($5-10) at someplace like Harbor Freight. Cold forge the copper tip to a longer thin spatula shape. This will reduce the tip temperature. You can use it much like a welding torch, with a wax filler rod if needed. You'll get close to 100% strength at the joint if you heat it to liquid then let it cool. Easiest way to do it is to stick the parts together cold then plunge the spatula at the joint to heat and mix both sides.
  6. My yew staves arrived yesterday, I'll be out of town for a week but will be thinking about them.
  7. Sounds like great fun, unfortunately the same weekend as the new Paris knife show to which I've already committed. Have a good time.
  8. I'll buy the T-shirt--XL. Hank
  9. Good post, beautiful work and video. Thanks, Hank
  10. Looks like great fun! I'm digging out my bows and doing shoulder exercises.
  11. Hi Mick, Love the "Bonkers" bow. I have a knotty osage flat bow that I made years ago that I dug out today with the idea of working it down to something an old man with bad shoulders can pull. The bowyersdiary site you mentioned is really worth reading. Think about visiting this June, Hank
  12. Hank and Kurt Knickmeyer also booked at the Homewood. Should we bring show & tell stuff?
  13. Kurt and I in Hilton Homewood Suites, Oakland Waterfront. Hank
  14. Jeff, Paypal sent for: (2) ax/sax tees, 1XL, 1Lg (1) team dane ax, 1XL Thanks, Hank
  15. Hi, I notice that my name has question marks on it in the above list. I will be there with my son Kurt, we are both registered. Looking forward to it, Hank
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