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  1. Emiliano's points are excellent. When this has happened to me it wasn't because of something accidentally getting in rather because the wood has embedded in it tiny stones from when it grew as a tree. The saya file has been my best investment but trying to fit the saya to avoid contact on the sides to begin with is best.

  2. It is not unusual that the hamon looks better on the first go at etching and later attempts at re-polishing using only higher grits and re-etching will not show nearly as much contrast. Having said that, it is possible to bring back the hamon good looks by multiple cycles of re-etching and polishing with paste-based abrasives. And I mean multiple.

  3. I like the shape of the last three blades you posted.


    To see the hamon at the early stages of grinding I find that being very consistent in leaving parallel grinding marks will allow you to see the hamon at 220 grit or earlier using a strong light source directly above the blade without a need for etching.

  4. "Know your steel." That should be a mantra when trying to figure out hamon. To have a large batch of consistent steel (that will allow for multiple tests) and figure out its quirks in your own setup (which has its own set of quirks too) is the way to go.

    Good for you, Austin.

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