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  1. I thought F&B stood for Fire&Brisket. Seriously, Doug. This is not just a hammer-in, it is a culinary experience and you are the master chef so I will arrive with an open mind and hungry no matter what.
  2. You are worrying me, Doug. What do you mean by "considering"? There has to be brisket!!! It's mandatory.
  3. The smelting crew plan to do a Catalan furnace this year.
  4. Lovely progression in a very personal and recognizable style.
  5. Like Petr said. Distressing by mechanical means leaving a random print behind. I like scratches and sandblasting personally.
  6. Alan, the whining was loud but at a pitch easier to stand than my forging press hydraulics. In the end the result was worth it. Here is another project of Adam and Peter at the foundry. I am not sure Adam knew I was going to show these but here it goes. It is a cast iron leaf sword. The wood work is Adam's handiwork. The original blade was cast in bronze for a school project.
  7. Jan, The inside dimensions are a compromise between what I wanted to do (start at 1/8" wall thickness at the back end and end up at 1/4" at the mouth while making something that the experts at the foundry felt will make it through the pour. I seem to recall some limitations imposed by the making of the wax model as well. Denis can talk about that. I also wanted the back end to connect to standard dimensions pipe for plumbing to the air supply.
  8. This is a video of the pour. Apparently I can't link to the video file, so copy and paste the above. Maybe one of the administrators or someone more savvy can fix the video link or embed it.
  9. A couple of years ago Adam Humphrys, a member of this forum, approached me about doing some bladesmithing/metallurgical project. Adam works as a metallurgist for Dominion Metallurgical and graduated from Virginia Tech. The company maintains a working relationship with the university as they sponsor student's projects. With the help of graduate student Peter Kim and professor Dr. Alan Druschitz director of VT FIRE which is the reasearch foundry at the campus we thought of making a copper tuyere by casting. I had never previosuly considered doing this large size project at the shop because of ne
  10. Jan, I have a large opening on one end of mine. The same end where the burner goes in. The burner goes in the bottom, the opening is on top. That end of the water heater is actually cut out and turned into a hinged door. If there was a poof, the door will pop open. I am sure that it will be dramatic anyhow.
  11. Single burner large volume (water tank, oil drum) furnace. It works. It's inexpensive to build and operate.
  12. Looking forward to my first visit to London while enjoying the company of like-minded folks and sharing my experiences in the process of making hamon look pretty.
  13. Jan, I tried to upload a really short (1.5 Mb) mp4 file but I get an error that says "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file." It is a really short video, about 3 seconds long but it is all I have. I could email it to you if you give your email address privately.
  14. Just to add to this. I've been using 1" and 3/4" T-rex for my welding forge and heat treating forges for over 12 years now exclusively. My burners are as good as they were on day one. They exceed at doing their job just as long as the inside forge volume is appropriate to the diameter of the burner. Rex is a great guy too.
  15. It looks like a very honest effort and hopefully it will provide you with sufficient rewards to go on and make another one.
  16. Thanks for the advice. The more I look into this, it sounds like I need to stay away from companies now owned by EIG, Wes, what other CMS are there that are simple to use and safer?
  17. Would you believe if I told you these is modern steel manipulated to create a very organic look?
  18. My website has been down for over a week and with that all of my emails. I need recommendations for a stable, reliable hosting service with great support staff. I originally used Hostgator to host my site. I had to change because suddenly I wasn't able to communicate with email users from the Aol or Yahoo domains due to the IP of the server being "gray-listed" for spam abuse. Hostgator was unable to fix the problem. I switched to Arvixe and they had a catastrophic failure of the RAID 10 where my files were stored. They stated that they do daily backups but that was untrue and currently
  19. Hi Jim. Another amazing piece. The curves and their finishing work are superb. I have always been fascinated by the idea of reproducing fallen snow on plants. Your choice of materials is ideal for this work. I am glad to see you go back to the more pure Japanese origins. Hopefully your future path will bring you around to doing some more of it but if you must follow a "hybrid" path I will be just as happy to see what you come up with. Thank you for sharing.
  20. Thanks, guys. Wesley, wootz crumbles when hit with a hammer if it is too hot. I will let the people who really know metallurgy explain why. Richard, the gold is very thin. I carved a channel in the bone or the ebony then roughed up the bottom of the channel and the gold simply "grabs on" to the imperfections.
  21. Both blades have "hamon" but it is more visible in Jeff's steel. The blade hardened almost through all with just what I would decribe as a spine that runs from the center of the handle to about 3-4 inches and resembles a shrunk profile of the blade itself. Although I like the functional characteristics of the steel in terms of cutting ability and sharpness, I was not too fond of the forging process. I ruined one bar and almost a second one trying to forge these blades. Plainly wootz does not like to be over-heated and I prefer to forge as hot as possible to move the metal with ease under t
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