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  1. Thank you Alan. Raymond, this blade is of sanmai construction. The center or core steel is 1050 (in the end that is what the edge is made of). The two layers of steel that made the jacket layers are made of pattern-welded steel. About 200-300 layers of a combination of 1095, 1050 and 15N20. Hope that will help you understand what you see in the picture. The pattern is pretty much random.
  2. This is the tanto that I took to Harley's hammer-in. It is the first one for me that turn out OK without cracking during the quench. Even with all the advice from Coop about picture taking, it is very hard to photograph one of these things. On a different note, I wanted to thank Larry Harley for putting together this hammer-in. It was my first hammer-in and I enjoy every minute of it. Lots of good advice was shared and lots of information was given that was very helpful for a beginner like myself. I want to thank everyone there for sharing their knowledge.
  3. This is my first bowie. I have made 2-3 blades before by the stock removal method and about 3 tanto-like blades that were pattern welded. O those 3 only one made it without cracks at the quench. Prior to that I made a small dagger and a drop point skinner. That's about it. I will post some pictures of the tanto at some point.
  4. Muchas gracias a todos. I am overwhelmed!
  5. Thank you Raymond, Lin and Greg for your encouraging words. It makes me want to start banging on the anvil right away and get going with other projects.
  6. Well... This is my first post. My name is Jesus Hernandez and I live in Huntsville, AL. I got the bladesmithing bug a few years ago but was unable to do much about it until I realized what a propane forge is about a year ago. I have to thank Ron Reil for his very useful information about the process of making a freon tank forge. I then converted my garage into a shop of sorts and started hammering. I also want to thank Walter Sorrels (he is a member of this forum as well) as he has been an invaluable source of information during the last year ("Sorry about the many questions by email, Wa
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